Saturday, July 30, 2011

Homemade finger paint features….

Oh my word.
I had no idea a simple recipe for making your own finger paints for your babies could generate so much attention and blog traffic. I am humbly honored by each and everyone’s comment and visit!! Every time I check my email I have new fans and emails! It’s just so WONDAH-FUL!!!!

I’ve been featured in a few places this week that are just THRILLING!!

U Create
 Find the feature HERE!

 Find the feature HERE!

The Crafty Crow
Find the feature HERE!

Thank you so much if you are new blog follower, Facebook fan or Twitter follower!!! I have lot’s in store for the Fall and can’t wait to get to know you and share all of our fun ideas and experiences!!!
Love each and every one of you!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Practice makes perfect pictures!

Oh my word! I might be a little late to the party…but I just now discovered CameraSim the online SLR simulator!

I ♥love♥ it!

Another excuse to practice taking pictures!!

Here’s a snapshot of what the simulator looks like!


You can practice all of your camera settings as much as your heart desires!!

Click HERE to go check it out for yourself and play!

Happy FRIDAY!!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yummmm….Chili Rellenos Casserole

Who doesn’t like a “stick-to-your-ribs” casserole!!! I love finding new recipes for DELISH casseroles! And I found a FABULOUS new recipe!!! I’m definitely making this on Sunday!!

Chili Rellenos Casserole
image credit: Green Cattle Beef

And maybe even a little Sopapilla Cheesecake too!

image credit: Green Cattle Beef


CLICK the images for recipe individual recipe information!

Both recipes are from one of my favorite blogs!! I’m a faithful reader of The Green Cattle blog.

Number one because I’m all about supporting local bloggers and companies {she’s a Texas girl too}…and Number two because I love HER recipes!!! And number three…her sweet cotton-headed munchkins remind me of my little tooter-pie! And at our house…we are big fans of cows too!! LOL!☺

You must swing by The Green Cattle blog and check out the amazing food! And their funny llama named Tina!!
image credit: Green Cattle Beef

I'll be participating in

on Thursdays from now on! TOOOOO FUN!!! Click the image above to learn more!!!

My weekly embrace the camera picture is from yesterday! My sweet Mamma bought me the caaa-uuutest dang hat! A lady bug hat! You know how I feel about ladybugs!!! If you don't understand the connection with me and my little lady bugs you can go HERE!

Let me know if you start participating in EMBRACE THE CAMERA!!!
I'd love to see your GORGEOUS PICS!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Friendship Bracelet Swap 2011–COUNT ME IN!!

Have you heard the FUN NEWS?
Ruffled Sunshine and The Modern Marigold are hosting a Friendship Bracelet Swap!
Oh goodness…bust out the Electric Youth and your Swatch Phone!!
It’s going to be  FLASH-BACK FUN!!!


I signed up last week!! Hurry up and sign up too! Today is the LAST day to SIGN UP!!!  Maybe we will be BRACELET friends!! I can’t wait to go pick out my thread and get going!!

image credit: Honestly…WTF

I LOVE all the COLOR!!

image credit: Honestly…WTF

To participate you will make 3 bracelets…and be matched up with 3 new friends to mail them to! I love new crafty friends!!!
And then of course…you end up with 3 bracelets from even more new friends!!

image credit: The Purl Bee

There’s a TON of tutorials if you can’t remember how to make them! I vaguely remember how!!!
Here’s a few:
♥♥ Honestly…WTF
♥♥ The Purl Bee

image credit: Pinterest

It will beeeeee SO FUN!
I will post pictures when I finish mine!! Let me know if you are participating too!!

And….remember this style too??? I’m thinking I’m going to do a hair wrap!! Remember those!!! I just know those are coming back in style too!!! YAHOOOO!!!

image credit: Free People

Have a SUPER day!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MORE Glittery NAILS!

Oh good gravy! I think I’m officially addicted to glittery nails. I’m a little late I think!
Is 32 entirely to late to like GLITTER nails! Ha ha ha ha!!

Last week I told you about my fabuloso stick on polish nails…and this weekend I found an even cheaper cute way to have sassy glitter fingers!!

I used a purple polish my Mom gave me and topped it with a glittery polish I bought at Wal-Mart. Or THE Wal-Mart as we West Texas folk like to say.☺

glitter 087

Just a side note…it’s hard as heck to photograph your dang fingernails. It’s a  little wonka!

glitter 088

Teee-totally in love with the outcome. Way cute!! Glitter polish is a major drag to remove though…so I won’t be so chipper when it is time to take it off. But for now…I’m lovin’ it!!

glitter 095
glitter 090

And I did my TOENAILS too!!! Of course!!

glitter 103

Feet are just as hard to photograph. SO funny!!! 
 Grab a polish…and some glitter and HAVE FUN!!!!

glitter 100


Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Monday!!

Happy new and bright and SHINY week to you!! How’s your Monday so far?

Mine? Oh it’s pretty swell! Not too many complaints. Except…my little man isn’t here.

glitter 020

glitter 014

glitter 065

There are no dinosaur-hauling tricycles rolling through the house today.

glitter 067

This cute face isn’t here.

glitter 026

glitter 031

And hasn’t been here since Friday. And won’t be until Sunday. GULP! It’s his first time to EVER be gone from home that long.

I’m trying to stay calm. But it’s not easy!! I’ve decided to be positive about the entire situation. He’s getting some extra time with his Dad…and I’m getting some much needed single Mamma rest.

I’m using this time to rejuvenate and get ready for another year of rockin’ it out as a single Mamma.

I always joke that people think visitation is just for the Dads and kiddos…but really it’s for the Mammas who are raising their kiddos to rest, rejuvenate and replenish their soul strength to keep doing a great job!

♥♥My goals for this week are:

Clean my entire house top to bottom & de-clutter

Clean off files off of my computer and back up my system

Organize my office


Read a good book

Indulge in something artistic

Pamper myself 

Try something new

Lot’s of editing and writing for work


So far I’ve been doing pretty good!

Friday my Dad and I loaded a TRALIER full of clutter junk to haul off from my house. Oh that felt Grrrreat! Bye bye clutter!!

Saturday I met my cousin for some fun at Summer Mummers in Midland. Something the OLD Tiffany wouldn’t have been brave enough to do. I marched right up there…and had a LARGE time!!

Summer Mummers is actually the longest running summer theatre in Texas! Pretty neato!! You can read more about it by clicking HERE!

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be taking pictures so I snuck a few. They are all mostly blurry and crazy! But they are cute!!

Mummers 006

I could barely hear the actors. But what I did hear was hilarious! It reminded me of my One Act Play days back in the day!!

Mummers 007

I think the main thing about the whole event….is throwing popcorn…at every one!!!

Mummers 008

And drinking beer…..

Mummers 013

And throwing more popcorn!!! Wouldn’t you hate to be on that clean up crew??

Mummers 020

It’s hysterical!! You can’t help but have a GREAT time!!! I laughed the ENTIRE TIME!!! And threw popcorn at random strangers! Popcorn stress relief! LOL!!

Mummers 015

This is the only shot of my cousin and I that I got…and of course it’s WONKY! LOL!!!

Mummers 021

You can tell we had a BLAST though!!!

I reeked of popcorn when I got home …like oily-popcorny-smell…even in my hair!!! It was so worth it though!! I plan on going every summer now!!! Love it!!! I’m saving my mug for round two in Summer 2012!


I tried something new on Sunday…my Dad my homemade crepes with fresh fruit! Never had them! They are AH-mazing!!! Then…I went swimming after dark…under the stars! That was FUN!! And relaxing! I think stars may have star beams that give you extra soul power! LOL! It was very refreshing!!!


My Mamma hooked me up with two great reads for the week!
First one from my beloved Pioneer Woman…Ree Drummond…

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

books 005

And the Somerset Digital Studio magazine. Oh deeeeelish!!

I’m already in the 5th chapter of  Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and have already decided to use a few elements from the Somerset magazine to redecorate my blog!!! I love digital art inspiration!!!


Whew…crazy busy huh??? And there’s more!!! I applied to graduate school for the Fall at my old Alma Mater!!


I’m so excited and dying from anticipation to see if I am in…and can start!! I will be travelling once a month to Alpine…a 3-plus hour drive to the gorgeous mountains for class.

It’s my heaven. My soul still resides there. I decided to just GET ‘ER DONE and go for it!! It’s little scary…graduate homework is no joke! But I think I’m ready to tackle it! I juggle everything else…I can do this!! I GOT THIS!

Soooooo….depending on if I get in…which I hope so!!!! Our lives will be changing a little. In a good way! And in a year you can call me MASTER Tiffany! LOL!!

I will keep you posted!!!

Much love!!!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous Friday: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Oh haaappy WONDAH-ful FRIDAY to you friends!!! This week has been an EPIC week!! So many amazing things have happened. I know I say it all the time. But I am so beyond blessed. I’m really more than blessed…if there’s a word for that!!!

I’m so super excited about today.

My Pops is coming over to help me bust a little clutter around my backyard! Yeppers! I am putting on my work gloves to HAUL off some major unnecessary JUNK and CANNOT WAIT!
Isn’t that hilarious…it’s the little things that make this MAMMA so HAPPY! I’ve accumulated entirely too much scrap wood, furniture projects etc. And I can’t take it anymore. I want a fresh, clean back porch and yard.

About a week ago I went through every closet and every room bashing clutter. I chunked it out the back door in a pile. Let’s just say it was NOT attractive at all. I can only imagine what that the trash truck driver guy thought when he drove down our alley. LOL!☺

Do you ever have moments like that? Like you MUST get the CRUD out of your house…that very second. Maybe you aren’t OCD about clutter like me…or maybe you have a BIGGER house and it doesn’t get out of control like mine!! LOL!!!!

So…that’s my clutter soap box!! We are under “OPERATION CLUTTER BUSTING” around here..and I’m SUPAH stoked!!


I also wanted to tell you about a groovy Mamma beauty discovery!!!

I NEVER paint my fingernails. I paint my toenails. But NEVER my fingernails. It just peels off almost as soon as I put it on…and I don’t have that much time to waste. And I don’t to mess with it really.

But, the other day my Mom and I were in line waiting for Jaxon’s prescriptions and they had an end-cap display of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips.

My Mom, who is on a mission to help me be a HOT Mamma again, said pick out a pair and try them! They are cute!! So I did!!!

Amanda 001
I picked a CUTE GLITTERY style!

Amanda 007

I felt like a total GOOF putting them on at first!! But after the first few was on a roll!! It didn’t take long at all!!

Amanda 010

They are SUPAH cute!! And I’ve read that they didn’t last that long for other ladies but for me they last OVER the 10 advertised days!! I LOVED them and can’t wait to try a new design!!!
They lasted through lots’ of dish washing, diaper/hiney cleanings and all that other FUN MAMMA stuff!!

Try some this weekend!! They are FUN and SASSY!! Plus they are a super EASY makeover that you don’t need to go to a STINKY nail salon for!!

Have an EPIC weekend!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo shoots are too stinkin’ fun!!

I often forget to include all of my photo fun on Easie Peasie…so I’m going to try to regularly show you a few behind the scenes action…or just some new things we might be trying out!

This weekend we had such a blast at a bridal shoot we did in a neighboring town. We laughed from beginning to the end!! We had stalker armadillos that scared our pants off…and we had to chase one away! We even did a little planking! Our bride was such a great sport!! She did every crazy pose and place we wanted!! See what I mean!! LOL!!!

Amanda 630

Sonya planking like a champ off of the SPRINGS wall!!

Amanda 739

Lorie getting a few shots!

Amanda 719

And me on the OTHER SIDE of the SPRINGS!

Here’s how a few turned out!

Amanda 956 logo

Amanda 316 logo

Amanda 063 logo

She is GORGEOUS!!!


We also did a fun photo shoot in the West Texas Full Moon with our little gang of friends on Friday night! WAY FUN!!! We did these with a point & shoot camera…it would have been neat to see what a BIG BESSY camera would have done!!

LOOK I’m touching the MOON!

Pretty neato burrito huh??? It was SO FUN!!!

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week SO FAR!!!!