Tuesday, April 27, 2010

**W.I.P** Baby shower projects...

My BFF is having a sweet little girl (in less than 60 days) and with her shower less than a month away I decided to start working on my projects for her and the shower today. Of course I had to wait until naptime...Jaxon a.k.a...TAZ would have been tangled in the ribbon FOR SURE! Here's a sneak peek of my {W.I.P} projects! Oh it SOOOO much fun working on girly-girl projects!

I have been "playing" with my blog layout as well for the past few days. I've found some really GROOVY info. Today I found out how to use JAZZY fonts for all of my blogger titles. Check out Amanda's GREAT tutorial for more info! She will take you step-by-step through the process.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easie Peasie "Detergent Canister"

I've been on a mission to make my "ghetto" laundry room fabulous....but without spending much dinero. So far I've been able to decorate on the cheap and as it progresses...I'm finally loving it! It's still a major {WIP} Work In Progress but it's coming along!
 I've wanted to use canisters of some sort for my detergent...but not wanted to spend much on it. Today as I walked by my DH's muscle building powders etc. I had a fabulous thought! These big things would be perfect for my detergent...for F.R.E.E.!!!

I took the label off...let it soak in warm, soapy water and then used a spoon to scrape the glue-gunk off!

As it dried, I gathered my crafting-goodies. I printed my label {image taken from Shabby Blogs} on photo-quality ink jet paper..found coordinating ribbon and dusted off my Modge Podge
I cut out my label, modged it to the canister, let it dry and hot glued the ribbon around the top and.....

  VOILA!!! Easie Peasie!!!



It would be beneficial to take your time when hot-gluing the ribbon. I was so excited about my "new" canister...I didn't notice I had glued it a "tad" crooked until I took these pictures!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Vintage Record Player Re-Do

My BFF gave this antique radio/record player to me about a year ago. We have shuffled it all over the house in different rooms, but it never really had a home. There were many times I almost got rid of it...and then the other day I had a vision! Black paint with new fabric on the speakers!!  I used black paint that I already had...and an old pillow case that was frayed and had been stored for scrap material!

I'm totally in love with it now! Not only is it FAB now...it was FREE!!

I can't wait until Jaxon gets older and I can use it to put family pictures on...or something else groovy and decorative!

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Love this sweet-squinty-stinker pot-grin!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Projects...

 I have seen these tissue paper wreaths all over "blog-world" and this weekend I had to try one out for myself! I followed {Show & Tell's} fab directions which you can find here. 

I LOVE IT! It took a tad longer than I thought...but I am very ADHD..and Jaxon wanted to eat snacks..then help..so it was a tad chaotic! But overall I'm totally digging it!


 And if you look closely...there's a munchkin peeking out. He was certain I was leaving him when I was taking these pics and having quite a hissy!

Another quick re-do that I did this weekend was spray paint my "crusty" old-hand-me-down knife holder. It had rusted and seen better days. I saw a groovy post (here) showing how to spray paint a knife holder and use a vinyl letter to monogram it. I was satisfied just covering up the old grossness. Now it's FAB again!

P.S. Excuse the clutter...we are working on re-doing our kitchen back-splash too! Can't wait to be finished!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Espresso & Mad Eyebrows...

My Mom bought us a new fancy-smancy coffee maker and espresso machine. Seriously...how did I live without espresso everyday! I haven't had "regular" coffee in a week! I'm now addicted to espresso! Last night I made a "de-caf" cup because I was having serious espresso cravings! YUMMMM!

So this is the beginning of my "new" blog...Easie Peasie! Yay! I decided to elaborate from my "family" blog and include more of my projects and craft ideas.

My Jax Love-Bug photo of the day is "mad eyebrows." One look and you'll understand...and seriously does it get any cuter than this? If I loved him any more...my heart would explode!

Hap-Hap-Happy Monday!