Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Toddler Activities: TOO CUTE Shaped Sandwiches

Hoooowdy doooody!
For today’s activity I wanted to share some CAAAUUUTE sandwich ideas I found! Seriously…love them. Too bad right now Jaxon doesn’t give a TOOT about sandwiches. But he will  someday soon. And I’m going to have these bad boys ready to go! LOVE THEM!


Here we go!!

Don’t you just LOVE THEM! Meeee tooooooo!

All sandwich recipes (as well as photos) are from and the how-to’s can be found on their website by clicking HERE!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Mamma Mondays: Getting ready for SPRING!

Happy FABULOUS Monday!!
I am knee-deep in projects and inspiration. So exciting.
The warm weather is BLOSSOMING possibilities all around! YAY!
I have lots of things I want to PAINT!
Looking at my SPRAY PAINT colors makes ME HAPPY!☺

And I found my ANVIL to use for a few STAMPING projects.
And yes I have a “pet” rock! LOL!
She’s quite DIVA-LICIOUS!

And TAKE A GANDER at the FABULOUS door my best friend gave me!
Oh good gravy!
I seeeeeeeeee beautiful POSSIBILITIES!
I’m also RE-PAINTING my home office this week too!
The color is DISCO BALL!
Doesn’t that just SOUND FUN!
Hope your week is starting off with a BANG too!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Airstream Love♥

Ahhh…deeeep breath. It’s Friday. Fabulous…wonderful Friday. I’m having a bit of WANDERLUST issues today. I wish I was taking a road trip somewhere today. To find some cute junk…or just to watch the sunset! And those thoughts… made me think about Airstreams.
You see…my friends Lorie, Teffanie and I all SWEAR by gosh…we WILL have Airstreams one day. When we are cute-hot grannies…we will have PIMPED OUT Airstreams and be ramblin’ grannies from one antique fair to the next. For realzzzzzzz. It’s going to be SO FUN!
WE DROOL over FAB Airstreams.
Soooo….today…I had to share a little Airstream love.

Oh good gravy….I could have an AIRSTREAM OFFICE!!!!
image credit: Ma Joie Press

Hello darlin’…..I’ll take this TRUCK tooooooooo!
image credit: Airstream Life

Camping in style….
image credit: Vignette Design

I’m digging this FABULOUS chic interior Airstream design….
image credit: Interior Concepts by Wanda

L O V E it.
image credit: Interior Concepts by Wanda

My ALL-TIME FAVORITE Airstream…is the JUNK GYPSY-styled trailer the girls did for MIRANDA LAMBERT. Hellooooooo gorgeous. The JUNK GYPSY girls but the Oooooo in COOL for sure!!!! LOVE THEM!!!
image credit: Junk Gypsy Blog
image credit: Junk Gypsy Blog
image credit: Junk Gypsy Blog
image credit: Junk Gypsy Blog
I’d be GIDDY too MIRANDA!!! It’s Uuhh-MAZING!
And if it wasn’t cute enough…
image credit: Junk Gypsy Blog

I also actually SAVE pictures on my computer of Airstream/camper ideas. Here are a few I have clipped. I do not have image credits for these…apologies!!
I guess for now…an Airstream Christmas ornament is the closest thing to the REAL THING this girl is getting!
image credit: Airstream Europe Newsletter
Now that we are all READY to RAMBLE down the road with an AIRSTREAM to a MAREVLOUS antique show or Trades Days…have a listen one of MY FAV songs….


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Toddler Activities: Shaped Sponge Paintings

Howdy dooooody lovelies! Hope your week has been MARVELOUS so far!! I
It’s been happy…victorious…and amazing in our little neck of the woods.
Every day is a gift for God isn’t it…I’m so glad I get to be Jaxon’s Mamma…for one more day!! And many more I hope!! I’m so glad God shared this amazing little guy with me…he’s kind of…. my everything!♥
Anywho…here’s our FUN activity for the week! You know my MASTER PAINTER LOOOOOVED it too!!
painting 082b
To do your own SHAPED SPONGE PAINTINGS you will need:
○ Sponges
○ Scissors
○ Paint
○ Paper

I used plain-Jane Dollar Tree sponges…
painting 025
and used scissors to cut them into shapes…

Jaxon has to touch everything…and approve of the process.
painting 028

He could not wait to get started on his project….
painting 026

Surprisingly the sponges are SUPER easy to cut!
painting 031
I made a square, a rectangle, a heart…and an EGG for Easter.☺

As soon as the sponges were ready…Jax dunked them in and started his painting.
painting 032

He painted and painted with the sponges.
painting 034
I get such a kick out of watching him when he’s in his zone.
He switched out the different shapes on his own…but he really wasn’t into using the sponges as stamp to make the actual shapes. And it was his painting…so I let him do his thing!☺
painting 038
painting 045
He also had to do a little FINGERPAINTING too.
painting 050
painting 071
painting 063

Looooook MAMMA!!!
painting 073

And here is the final product….
painting 082
Even the sponges were pretty…LOL.
painting 088
painting 086
This is a project that is most definitely NOT limited to toddlers. Children of all ages would enjoy it!!
Hope you will as well!


Monday, March 21, 2011

My MARVELOUS birthday!

Holi Canolies! I had the BEST weekend. My birthday was Sunday, and the entire weekend was just MARVELOUS!
And because I had such a great weekend…I have nada for a scheduled blog. That’s okay though…keeping things different…is a GOOD THING! You never know what to expect around here! LOL!☺
Now back to my fabulous birthday weekend….
My best friend and I went JUNKING on Saturday. Before we went to “finger the beads” as my granny used to call it….she took me out for lunch at a local BBQ place in Midland, Texas…about 25 miles from our little town.
Saturday 039
Saturday 042
O M G. It was SO GOOOOOOOOOD! In fact….it was so good…we had to take a few pictures!
Saturday 014
Saturday 015
Saturday 018
Saturday 017
Saturday 016
Mya had a few lemons while we were there too…so funny….
Saturday 022
Saturday 026
Saturday 027
Saturday 030
After our bellies were OH SO FULL…we then had an impromptu photo shoot of Miss Mya! Isn’t she the most beautiful little girl ever!!
Saturday 124b
Saturday 051b
I LOVE this one of Mya and her Mommy!
Saturday 196bb
After our photo shoot….we hit the JUNK fabulousness!
We found 2 fabulous green chairs. One at Goodwill…and another in an alley. Oh lordy!
They are SUPER fabulous. We plan to use one for photo shoots…and the other I am going to use as a vintage chair for my home office!
I didn’t have pictures of the two lima bean jewels on my camera so I will have to show them off at a later date!!
I also had a fabulous Ihop date with my parents last night too! So fun! Waffles, French toast, and all sorts of yumminess to celebrate my birthday! I AM SO LOVED!!
One of the neatest things I experienced for my birthday was all of the warm birthday wishes I received on my personal Facebook page. All day long my phone would beep that I had new postings on my wall. It made my day!! To hear from all of your friends on your birthday is priceless! If you don’t Facebook…it’s worth it just for that!!!
Well I’m off to cleaning and working land now!! Back to reality!! LOL! I only have one closet left to conquer too! Yipeeeeeeeeee! Why are closets such a doozie to work through??? Uuugh!!!
Have a SUPER Monday!!!