Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We’ve been working on all kinds of projects around here. I think the warm weather does that…the weather is pretty and it stirs up ideas and energy.
I’ve found some really great “thrift store” junking treasures. I’ve wanted Jaxon to have wooden toys…like blocks and cars etc. (As if we don't have ENOUGH TOYS already!!!) I thought about slowly building up his collection and “lo-and-behold” I found him all sorts of treasures there other day. For dirt cheap!!!! But of course…I had to wash them to get possible germs off! Ha ha!
Projects May 18 2010 073
The wood appears wet…because it had just been washed and partially dried! And yes here they are…drying after a good scrubbing!!
Projects May 18 2010 075
This little doll/stacker is his favorite. He takes all the pieces off and then puts them on again. Except we had to take the smaller red pieces away…they seemed a little small and a possible choking hazard. She only has one “piggy-tail!” 
Projects May 18 2010 077
This one was just too cute…we had one growing up and he loves to pretend he’s talking on the phone!
Projects May 18 2010 074
A few other goodies that I found include these:
Projects May 18 2010 088
Projects May 18 2010 109
Projects May 18 2010 116
I have no idea what I’ll use them for. Probably storage containers. Jax thinks they are fun toys!
Projects May 18 2010 137

And finally….another treasure I found…and did a MINI-Makeover on!!!
I  found this little chalkboard. WAAAY cute paint job and distressing…I was not realy digging the wine deco thingy.
Projects May 18 2010 098

Sooooo….I Modge Podged a piece of scrap book paper over it! And voila!!
May 21 003
May 21 007
One of the easiest make-overs EVER! And it’s just DAHLING now!
Hope your week is GREAT!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Crepe-Paper Flower Ball Tutorial & Tips

There are many tutorials showing how to make these cutsie decorations and I had to try some for myself. They were perfect for decorations for my BFF’s shower and she is also going to use them as a mobile above her daughter’s crib. 2-in-1 decorations! Love it!
May 13 2010 238
Things you will need:
* Foam balls of varying sizes (I refused to pay the whopping prices for foam balls and found squares at the Dollar Tree. More on how I made them in to balls will follow!)
* Crepe Paper – I used 1-1/2 rolls for the large ball and about a roll for the medium sized ball. It would probably be best to have a couple of rolls for each ball you intend to cover.
* A LOT OF GLUE STICKS! I went through a TON of glue sticks.

I’m not even going to try to describe how to roll, make and create these little doo-dahs.
May 13 2010 248
I will however, direct you to where I discovered how to make them and you can figure out your own process. Visit {House of Smith’s} blog HERE to see how she made them. You can also watch a video of her technique HERE (last video on the page) which REALLY HELPED ME!

I almost threw the towel in on this project. I had heavy lumps of crepe paper goop and ugly wads of nothing on my first try. Even my DH said it wasn’t my most “WORTHY” work. What the? What the who? I was so frustrated…I almost gave up.
I’m glad I didn’t give up though. I really love how they turned out. And they were perfect decorations for the shower.
Lorie Shower 138
Lorie Shower 172

So anywho…my tips for making these bad boys are as follows:
I didn’t spend the BIG BUCKS on pre-made foam balls at HL. Instead, I bought foam cubes at the {Dollar Tree} and used a knife and cheese grater to form a ball. It sounds way more complicated than it really was. It took at the most…five minutes.
May 13 2010 165
I also bought a bag of smaller pre-made balls at the {Dollar Tree} too. There were at least 10 balls of varying sizes in one bag. Love me some {Dollar Tree}!!!
May 13 2010 244
May 13 2010 245

To use the balls as table decorations for the baby shower. I bought THREE candle holders from the {Dollar Tree} that looked like this:
May 13 2010 187
I hot-glued two together to create a tall holder that looked like this:
May 13 2010 234
I spray-painted both the short and tall holder with black spray-paint.
May 13 2010 251
TA-DA! They were sweet and FAB! If you decide to try this little projecto…don’t give up if at first you have funky flowers! You can DO IT!!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Shower Goodies!!!

I have been talking about my Besties baby shower for weeks now. We had the shin-dig last weekend and I can finally show pics of all the projects I worked on for both the shower and as gifts for Lorie. I’ll slowly post tutorials on how I made most of the goodies! But for now take a look! It was tons of fun!!

The Door Mum
Lorie Shower 089
Lorie Shower 091
Guest Sign-In
Lorie Shower 172

Diaper Cake
May 13 2010 193May 13 2010 172
May 13 2010 216
May 13 2010 217
May 13 2010 223

The Table
Lorie Shower 092
Lorie Shower 114
Lorie Shower 117
Lorie Shower 138
Lorie Shower 146

Lorie Shower 011
Lorie Shower 014

Bow-BoardBubbles 039

Lorie Shower 077


It was fate….

I have been searching, watching, looking and hoping for a vintage Cosco chair. No seriously…I look at Ebay at least 4 to 5 times a week (most are minimum $50 with shipping) and at every “junking” vendor I visit. Just two weeks ago I spotted one at a local SA, but was informed it wasn’t for sale. Darn. It’s just one of those crazy “wants” that you get in your head and you can’t shake off. Silly…as if we need another chair! Or better yet…another “ladder” for Jaxon to scale the walls and furniture with.


My Mom called me this afternoon out of the blue and told me that she had finally found MY CHAIR!

Projects May 18 2010 144

Damage: A few loose screws, aged vinyl and a few layers of dust. No tears, no rips and no major problems!


Projects May 18 2010 145

I {heart} this chair!

Projects May 18 2010 149