Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Popcorn

popcorn 025b
If you are looking for a last minute gift to give neighbors…or a snack to take to a friends house for a party…might I suggest this fabulous…and OH SO EASY…Christmas popcorn.
You will need:
popcorn 004
and a dash of this…..
popcorn 018
I have a popcorn popper and used it…you could also use handy-dandy microwave popcorn…but stay away from butter flavored. Stick to PLANE JANE! It will get soggy and mushy if you don’t!
I measured a capful of popcorn kernels…I would guesstimate about 1/2 cupful?
popcorn 005
See…this much! LOL!
popcorn 006
Then POP away!!!!
popcorn 011
After all of the kernels popped…I separated the popcorn into 2 {two} BIG bowls…for easier stirring!
popcorn 017
P.S. The SpongeBob sippy cup is like “Where’s Waldo” in these pics for some reason. It’s almost creepy! I didn’t notice it until I was editing…aaahhh…life with a TODDLER!
Next I guesstimate measured about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of the white chocolate chips. I used a glass measuring pitcher for easy melting and pouring!popcorn 008
Ahhh…so PURDY!
popcorn 010
Place pitcher in microwave and “cook” for 30 seconds. Remove the pitcher (careful not to burn your fingies!)…stir….and place back in microwave! Cook another 30 seconds! Remove…and stir until they are smooth as BUTTA! Like this:
popcorn 019
Pour the melted chocolate on popcorn…and stir until the chocolate has covered all of the popcorn.
popcorn 020
Then, pour the popcorn on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle the popcorn with a dash of salt. (totally optional) Then sprinkle with Christmas sprinklies!
popcorn 021
Isn’t it FABULOUS????
popcorn 022
It is DELISH too!!♥
From this point there are a million ways to dress it up…pack it up…and give it away! I simply put it in a gallon-sized Zip-lock bag and jazzed it up with a few of Jaxon’s artwork jewels and ribbon!
popcorn 028
popcorn 033
popcorn 030
And there you HAVE it! A very CUTE…yet VERY FRUGAL gift!!! Perfect for neighbors…friends…co-workers…or to take to PARTIES! You could re-use this recipe for a variety of events…and just change the color of SPRINKLIES!
Hope everyone is having a MARVELOUS Merry week! We are…it’s finally cold here in West Texas…thank goodness! Although this little guy isn’t too thrilled about it….
Jaxon 011
To make up for it we have been doing a LOT of art projects!
Jaxon 009
Goodnes…that boy and paint…let’s just say there have been a LOT of BUBBLE baths too!!
We have had hot cocoa….
hot cocoa 035
and even a warm stew!
Jaxon 015
It has been a great week for hugging, snuggling and staying close to home. I am so blessed to have such a sweet little boy who loves to spend time painting, cooking and being silly with his Mamma! I am looking forward to a great weekend!! My brother…..this guy here….
… flying in tomorrow!!!!!!! Whoooop whooooop…BIG TEARS! I haven’t hugged him in over a year! It will be a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
I hope you all have a VERY MERRY Christmas…and wonderful weekend with those you love. I don’t intend on blogging until 2011…he he…but I have big PLANS for little Easie Peasie…and can’t wait to share the new direction we will be taking this next year!
Much LOVE and BLESSINGS to you ALL!
Merry Christmas and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My floor is D.O.N.E

I FINALLY finished my living room floor today!! Whoooooop whoooooooop! I cranked up the ♪♫80’s ROCK♪♫ and GOT ‘ER DONE!!

Now…for the POLY fumes to GO AWAY! Why is polyurethane so RANK???? (cough cough….GAG!!!)

I’m so in ♥love with my floor now. Can you be in love with a FLOOR? LOL!!!!!

It’s so FRESH…and GLOSSY…and PURDY and CLEAN! So much better than SHAGGARIFFIC…grossness…CARPET!!

When everything dries I will post FINAL pictures…and how I did it all! The only cost of this project was the POLY! Super EASY and SUPER budget FRIENDLY!

11-20-2010 044_thumb[3]

floor2 005


LoVe….HuGz….& SHaG…RuGz……


Friday, December 10, 2010

C.R.A.F.T. {love}

I soooo love how Miss Jamie used her {handmade exchange gifts} I sent her. Visit her blog to see the goodies….by clicking ~HERE



She also posted a SUPER awesome tutorial how to make the {groovy} Christmas card holder she sent me!!

Gift Exchange 029b

Click HERE to see how to make your own!

Thank goodness it’s weekend time. I am so ready to RELAX! I am also trying to figure out who has a birthday soon…I really want to try to make THIS SUPER cute CAKE!




Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Handmade Gift Exchange 2010

I am so thrilled to have participated in the Handmade Gift Exchange fun this year at Miss Linda’s fabulous blog-
It was SO much FUNNNNNN! I plan on participating next year TOOOOO! YAY!
♥♥Miss Jamie of-
was my FABULOUS partner!! She is so MARVELOUS! Love her blog…you must stop by and visit her sometime!!
We were both TEXAS girls which was so much fun too!
I received my package yesterday…and EVEN the package was CAAAAUUUTE! I knew whatever was in it would be cute too! Just look how she used the paint sample pieces for the mailing labels…LOVE IT!
I was sooooooooo excited!! It even jingled!!!☺
Just take a gander and what I was so lucky to receive!!!
Gift Exchange 029
A perfectly F A B U L O U S Christmas Card holder!!! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!♥

I put it up by my door…..
Gift Exchange 035
Look at the pretty GOODIES that were also in my PRETTY package…
Gift Exchange 001
- a very SWEET card
- little binder clips to use to hold my cards on my CAAAUTE card holder
- and Jamie’s MOST PERFECTLY CUTE business card {those little white spots…are precious little pearls…seriously SO CUTE}
Gift Exchange 004
Gift Exchange 005
I just loved this exchange. It was so much fun! How EXCITING is getting CRAFTS in the mail. It was like a little EARLY CHRISTMAS!!
And since I now know she got my package….this is what I made her!
11-28-2010 177
I found the printable HERE
bracelets 003
bracelets 008
I found the tutorial HERE!

If you are a crafty blogger…you really must participate next year. It is TOO much fun!
Hope everyone is having a MARVELOUS week so far! We are already 7 days into DECEMBER? Time is FLYING BY!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This little boy…

I just love my little Jaxon Pete. My goodness. Is there anything at all better than being a Mamma?

I love these….

Jaxon 002

His Granny & Pa Pa got him new boots….and they are quite snazzy!

Jaxon 003

There is NO telling what adventures are TO BE HAD…in these little boots.

Jaxon 010

And I had no idea how many CHOICES there would be. It was quite an event to pick a pair out. But…we finally set our HEARTS on these little dolls.

Jaxon 012

I also went with my Mom to find these little…well rather HEAVY…jewels. Stumps for Jaxon to climb, play on…sit on…and whatever else his little imagination desires.

Jaxon 033

I never occurred to me his DOGS would want to climb too!

Jaxon 038

A very serious moment of thought with Lola. LOL!

Jaxon 225

He LOVED them! But notice he SHUCKED his hat! Uugghh.

Jaxon 219

His STINKER face!

Jaxon 237

Checking it out.

Jaxon 213

Just being precious.

Jaxon 056

Mamma hugs!!!♥

Jaxon 152

Another backyard favorite…the sand table. With PURPLE sand! ☺

Jaxon 147

He’s making a car sound…..

Jaxon 179

And this is a typical Jaxon move…the climber…and why I will have solid gray hair soon!