Sunday, December 5, 2010

This little boy…

I just love my little Jaxon Pete. My goodness. Is there anything at all better than being a Mamma?

I love these….

Jaxon 002

His Granny & Pa Pa got him new boots….and they are quite snazzy!

Jaxon 003

There is NO telling what adventures are TO BE HAD…in these little boots.

Jaxon 010

And I had no idea how many CHOICES there would be. It was quite an event to pick a pair out. But…we finally set our HEARTS on these little dolls.

Jaxon 012

I also went with my Mom to find these little…well rather HEAVY…jewels. Stumps for Jaxon to climb, play on…sit on…and whatever else his little imagination desires.

Jaxon 033

I never occurred to me his DOGS would want to climb too!

Jaxon 038

A very serious moment of thought with Lola. LOL!

Jaxon 225

He LOVED them! But notice he SHUCKED his hat! Uugghh.

Jaxon 219

His STINKER face!

Jaxon 237

Checking it out.

Jaxon 213

Just being precious.

Jaxon 056

Mamma hugs!!!♥

Jaxon 152

Another backyard favorite…the sand table. With PURPLE sand! ☺

Jaxon 147

He’s making a car sound…..

Jaxon 179

And this is a typical Jaxon move…the climber…and why I will have solid gray hair soon!


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