Thursday, July 22, 2010

Homemade finger paints…

Maybe it’s because I used to teach high school art…or perhaps it’s because I love a brand new box of crayons…or any new art supply for that matter.  Art supplies make my {heart} happy.
I tried a recipe I found recently for making homemade finger paints for Jaxon…because…you know…I’d prefer him not eat paint made with funky chemicals. And let’s be honest…he’s 15 months old and he’s going to taste-test it. I just know it. I loved how these turned out and I had to share.
Aren’t they so pretty!!! Yaaaay! I’m totally in love with them!
I used left-over baby food jars for containers…you know the ones you hang on to because you swear they are good for something!. Lol.

**Please note: This recipe has been featured in many places and I've had TONS of questions about the texture outcome. If you add too much cornstarch you will get gloppy paint. Just reduce cornstarch or thin with water for a smoother texture.

Also - I NEVER said these were meant to be literally EATEN by kiddos. When we made these - Jaxon was at the stage where  he was putting everything in his mouth and I didn't want him to accidentally eat some crazy store-bought paints. For me at least these were safer and homemade. Please do not re-post the recipe as EDIBLE paints for kids to eat as they are not snacks or food for kiddos! Thank you bunches!!

Here’s the recipe:
July 22 2010 229

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazon backyards-summertime fun & white paint love

We have been up to our ears in fun, activities, projects and grass!! Thanks to all of the wonderful rain our front and backyards look amazing. Considering when we first moved in we had dirt with a few weeds…our backyard has done a complete 360 in the past couple of years (thank goodness).
July 18 2010 Phone pics 233
It’s finally pretty and a place where we enjoy spending our mornings and evenings. Jax especially loves his backyard play-time. He also loves to help work on things such as hammering wood and even….helping his Dad mow. He thinks he’s really BIG.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 234
July 18 2010 Phone pics 236
He loves to mow…almost as much as he loves those boots. Which I might add are a tad too big…but he could care less. He loves to hear them click on the floor and when he goes outside…he thinks he must have them on. It’s really quite funny and precious.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 246
When this little boy works…he gives 110%. He’s very serious. And it’s very cute. He doesn’t even stop to smile.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 249
July 18 2010 Phone pics 259
Can’t you just see how hard this little boy has been working.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 260
July 18 2010 Phone pics 266
He is 100% all boy.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 262
And his Mamma loves him {and his boots} oh so very much!!!
He was very excited when our neighbor popped in for a visit too!
July 18 2010 Phone pics 273
I just think these pics are too cute.
July 18 2010 Phone pics 274
So anywho…we’ve been working on lot’s of goodies around here in Easie Peasie land. I can’t wait to get everything posted. But in between summertime fun…I get distracted and behind!!
I did paint my pretty little French desk…which looked like this…
Moms Camera 135
June 29 2010 012
….and it now looks like this!
July 07 2010 123b
July 07 2010 158
July 07 2010 165
July 07 2010 145
I can’t wait to reveal what I’ve done with this pile-of-lovin’-junk-mess!!!
July 07 2010 195

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Shower Crafts…

I’ve been meaning to post a few more pics detailing the crafts I made for my BFF’s baby shower. Two months later and I finally sat down and just cranked it out! So without further ado…here they are!
The corsage:
Lorie Shower 011
A different type of corsage…no {real} flowers…and loops of ribbon scraps from the diaper cake and other shower decorations.
Lorie Shower 015
Sweet little corsages for her Mom and Mee-Maw….
Lorie Shower 010
Lorie Shower 008
I knew that Lorie wanted a decorated portable wipey-thing-a-ma-bob so I again utilized the left over ribbon from the diaper cake and projects…hot-glued them in layers on the lid of the holder. I used a flower from my craft-pile…and believe it or not a flower jewel that came off of one of my shoes. I saved it because I knew it would be pretty on something someday! I hot-glued them together and viola!
Lorie Shower 078
Lorie Shower 080
Lorie’s shower was my first-ever party to decorate. I was soooo nervous! I had never made a diaper cake…much less anything else baby-shower related…but I dove in and started looking at my blog sistas creations. And thank goodness! I found a ton of ideas and started crafting!
I made personalized glass canisters for cookies and mints with canisters I had…and a few from the Dollar Tree. I decorated each one simply by gluing a few strips of ribbon and a few handmade flowers on. {Sorry some of these pics are blurry…I took them in a hurry…and didn’t realize some were blurry…oh the seven seas…I should pay attention some times}
May 13 2010 188
Lorie Shower 092
After the shower, Lorie used the smaller bowls for Q-tips and other necessities in Mya’s room. Great idea! You can also take the ribbon off of the glass easily to re-use again without evidence that it had been decorated.
I used the shower invitation as another decoration focal point by the sign-in book.
Lorie Shower 126
Lorie Shower 129
The frame is a Dollar Tree frame that I jazzed up with a few handmade flowers. I also added a strip of ribbon and a background of scrap-book paper to prettify the invitation.
I also made an “M” initial frame for the cake table. I thought that Lorie could use it later as a decoration in Mya’s room.
I printed a letter “M” and layered it with some scrap-book paper and ribbon. I also made a few paper flowers to jazz up the frame. She really loved it!
Lorie Shower 143
My first ever diaper cake wasn’t too shabby which was such a relief. I didn’t have rubber bands which would have helped TREMENDOUSLY…but I made it anyways.
May 13 2010 213
May 13 2010 193
I made oven-curly-ribbons to decorate the top. I thought Lorie could take them off and make little clippy bows later for Miss Mya.
 May 13 2010 214
May 13 2010 216
All of the ribbon can be re-used for girly stuff like bows and decor.
May 13 2010 217
This is how the cake table looked as a whole.
Lorie Shower 138
Lorie Shower 146
Lorie Shower 120
Lorie Shower 117
It was really fun and I’ve re-used these decoration ideas for other things and for other decorating venues. They are super cute!!

I'm linking these to Mrs. Jamielyn's Sundae Scoop Weekend Link Party!

** I've had quite a few inquiries about how to make the paper flowers on the "M" frame. If you visit this cute blog {DOZI} you can find a perfect tutorial! Just a warning...these are so easy and stinkin' cute you will want to make them and put them on everything! 


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mirror up-do!

It never fails that when I download pics…my DH has taken a few that I was unaware of. Here are few that he took that made me smile…
With all the much needed yet crazy rain in Texas…our roses are blooming…
July 07 2010 013
Our Crepe Myrtle is also pretty and pink!
July 07 2010 015
And a potato from our garden posing by a toy…
July 07 2010 016
I’ve been busy trying to get back in sync after our holiday weekend. It’s Thursday…and I just now feel like things are sorta-kinda back to normal. Lol.
I have managed a few make-overs for the week. In between article deadlines…editing…laundry…dirty diapers and toys everywhere…I painted a mirror my Mom and I found at the SA last week. I also actually painted my French desk I scored from Craigslist awhile back. Sigh…finally.
For today I’m just posting the mirror…I still have two articles to write... a few more loads of laundry..and a toddler who has many toys to conquer.  {It's funny how people assume that if you work from have so much free time...I've seriously had people act like I sit around watch T.V. and eat bon-bons. LOL. Can someone direct me where to find that free time?}

Sooo anywho…a teeny mirror make-over is what I could muster together for today!
I loved this mirror from the moment I found it…even if it was a little “broken.” It was $5…very big…and I knew I could make it pretty again.
July 07 2010 032
July 07 2010 036
I painted it white (of course) and I found a few vintage fake flowers in my inherited sewing box from my Granny. They were from a corsage of some sort. I thought it was neat that they were vintage…and special. So I glued them to my mirror and now it’s pretty!!
July 07 2010 087
July 07 2010 055
And since I was taking pics in our itty-bitty bathroom I took a few of some recycled decorations I threw in there the other day. I had some decor left from a party I decorated…and I thought they would go great with my shower curtain.
My crepe-paper rose balls….
July 07 2010 084
July 07 2010 095
My tissue paper balls….
July 07 2010 094
July 07 2010 081
July 07 2010 090
This room turned girly pretty fast with all the pink fluff…the DH hasn’t griped about it though…so I guess it will stay for now! Until I get another itch to re-do it!I added this project to Faded Charm "White Wednesdays"...check out all the goodies here.
Happy Thursday!