Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Wreaths….

So let’s keep talking about Fall decorations shall we? I’m definitely going to need to update my door’s been a few months and I need new pretties to look at! Here’s my door now…
Moms Camera 061
Remember my tissue paper tutorial found here? It has been holding up great and going strong since April. I’m really shocked it did so well!! But…I’m itching for a new look!!
Here are a few unique ideas that I’m going to choose from…or who knows…I love them all…maybe I’ll make all of them??
Image: Something to Do
Image: Martha Stewart
Image: Write it Down
Image: Dream Home
Image: Made by Nicole
Image: Craftaholics Anonymous
Image: Mine for the Making
You can see why I can’t make up my mind now! Caaaauuuuuuuuute!! Do you ever find so many ideas…that you can’t narrow it down??  I’m soooo there right now!! Love these!!
Awhile back I did try out the {Coffee Filter} wreath…but mine’s way too poofy for my front door…my glass outer door mushes it!! DOH!! But this would definitely also be a great…cheap…cute Fall wreath idea!!
I started with this:
May 20 2010 003
The easiest way I found for gluing the filters to the wreath…with out burning the {shrizzle} out of your fingers with hot glue is to use a pencil like this….
May 20 2010 004
Then just dab a little bit of glue on the tip of the pencil and poke it in the wreath…quickly of course before the glue sets up! Then just keep adding the filters like this….
May 20 2010 009
Just a thought…you could possibly start from the outside…I started from inside.
This is the final outcome:
May 20 2010 020
I love the vintagy color of the natural coffee filters. I added some ribbon and hung it on my old-timey vintage door that leads to my utility room….since it was way too POOFY for my front door!
Moms Camera 086
Moms Camera 084
The cost for this wreath was about 2 to 3 clams. I had the ribbon and glue sticks. That’s pretty fabulous for a wreath!  You could personalize this idea for Fall in soooo many different ways!!
Have fun creating! I’ll post a tutorial of whatever OTHER wreath I decide to make…one that fits my door I hope!!
Have a SUPER Monday!


affectioknit said...

Your wreath is super cute! I'm afraid it would be too poofy for my front door too...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Trying to make this wreath for Christmas presents.. do you go around the outside rim of the foam with the coffee filters as well so you cannot see the green foam? Or did you use ribbon to cover? Thanks!

Tiffany said...

I went as far around the wreath as I could with the filters --- but still made sure it would lay flat. The back does show the green foam so you could cover it with ribbon if you needed to! That would be SUPER cute!! XoXo-Tiffany