Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farm Fun….

At least once a week you can find Jax and I mingling at my parents house…a.k.a. The Farm. We always have tons of fun…good food and plenty of roaming around playing and visiting the animals! Jax LOVES to help around the farm too!!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 002

We had a practice-run to dress up for Halloween…there’s a few kinks to fix…such as a gun holster that’s slightly too big!! But I’m betting he’ll be the cutest cowboy ever though!! Now if I could just find a way to make him keep his hat on!!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 009

He gets a tad aggravated at all the pictures…LOL…love this!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 045

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 054

One of my Mom’s MANY chickens!!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 053

Dove hide out at the farm during hunting season. Seriously so funny…they line every power line around the house.

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 102 09-25-2010 MomS Camera 100

You just can’t beat West Texas sunsets. Love it!!!

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 104

My Mom gave me a set of wind-chimes that were my grandmothers. Jaxon thought they were great to drag around. Oh my heavens.

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 106

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 129

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 163

09-25-2010 MomS Camera 191

Every “helping” picture cracks me up. Jax gets really serious about helping out…he especially LOVES to feed the horses. It’s just so funny how much he gets into it!!

Hope you are having a SUPERB weekend!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

My {new} fall wreath!!

Ok so my -sweet friend- emailed me this morning to tell me that she and her sister-in-law were going to make one of my fall wreaths that I chatted about awhile back. Isn’t that just neato!! It made my day!! But it also got me to thinking…hmmm…I should really get off my hiney-hodie and upload pics of my new wreath to share. My stinker has been sick with an ear infection & teething {poor wittle} so there hasn’t been much creative activity around here!!
BUUUUUUT….I sat down and GOT ‘ER DONE! Drum roll please……
09-24-2010 073
I abbbbb-solutely LOVE it!!! Love-love-love it!!!
And it was SUPER-DUPER cheap to make. You know how I roll…cheap cheap and cute-arrific!!
09-24-2010 033
The base wreath is from Dollar Tree {of course}…it’s a twine-branchy one…they have really big ones for Fall. Go GET ONE!
09-24-2010 036
I wrapped the wreath with scraps of my fave {burlap}. I just hot-glued the wreath with small strips of {burlap} around the wreath until it was covered.
09-24-2010 037
THEN…to jazz it up a bit I made a few fabric flowers with left-over scraps of white {burlap} fabric.
09-24-2010 070
I also used some brown paper from paper bags….you know the one’s at Wal-mart that are free to use for your ice cream or frozen foods??
09-24-2010 038
Yeppers peeps….recycle those babies…cut it up and viola…brown craft paper!! I made the accordian-style flowerdy-thingys…(yes that’s a word)…
09-24-2010 039
…and then hot-glued muslin-fabric flowers on top! I also added some vintage buttons I had to add some more pizazz!
09-24-2010 066

I seriously love this…and my total cost was $1.00 because I had all the other scrappies I used for decor.
09-24-2010 075
P.S. If you haven’t already…get your hiney’s to the Dollar Tree…they have some seriously CHEAP and CUTE Fall decor and Halloween goodies!! I’ll be posting some pics soon of faux Dollar Tree pumpkins I jazzed up! How can you beat $1???

Oh my ladies…see you at DT!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wild Life Cams…

Have you guys seen or heard of wild life cams?? I mean for realzzzzz…I’m totally addicted!!!!

Tonight I was working on my editing…and watching the Live African Cam…look what came up!!!


I’m so loving it!!! It’s just so cute! And you can see little birds crawling up and down it’s back. What the french….toast?? I didn’t know that happened.

I wish I could see a lion…gulp! SCARY! But GROOVY!!!

There’s a whole PLETHORA of cameras to watch. I watched the barn owl cam with the babies. Pretty neato burrito. The underwater cams are creepy…fish are just creepy and mean looking. Eeeeew.

Click HERE to watch cams!! Tell me what you think and if you just LOVE them as much as I do!! Kiddos would totally love this! It’s just so thrilling!!

I also love the sound of all the birds and wildlife on the Africa cam. It’s a very ZEN way to chill out while editing and working.

If you see a lion you better screen capture and tell me!! Happy animal watching!!

Love! Love!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep it wonky…

Image: Apartment Therapy
I {loved} this poster the minute I saw it!! I have to make one like this soon!!

You all know I am NOT AFRAID or ASHAMED to be a furniture-treasure-dumpster-diver...

Holy moly macranolies I cannot wait to show you what I found yesterday in a dumpster in my alley! LOL! IT'S FAB!!!  I'd like to send a special thanks to my neighbors down the road for throwing away really cool furniture!!! Te-he!! I'll need to work on it this week but it'll be up soon!

I also made my FALL WREATH...and it will be up this week as well!!! Yipeeeeeee!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sacramento Children’s Crafts Examiner Feature…

Recently the wonderful Miss Jennifer Gunnerson, writer for the Sacramento Children’s Crafts Examiner, emailed me to ask if she could feature my little homemade finger paints.
Oh my gravy…you know I was thrilled!!
She featured my little paints last week…but since my tooter was sick…everything was put on hault until he quit                 up-chucking everything! Eeewww right!! I think we finally…{crossing my fingers}…might be over it!! Whew!!! Thank you lord!!
Soooooo girlies {and guys} please visit her page by clicking HERE to check out the feature. While you are there…please check out her sight and all of her AMAZING children’s crafts! She’s incredibly TALENTED!!!
I’m definitely trying out the Falling Leaves Refrigerator Magnets
And the apple stamping
They are just toooooo cute! And perfect for the FALL!
Hope y’all are having a superb week! I sure am! I just got the latest edition of the holiday Febreze fragrance…Cinnamon Sugar. Oh seriously…can I spray it enough??
Love & Blessings

Monday, September 13, 2010

Adorable Halloween costumes…

This is Jaxon’s second official Halloween. Last year I dressed him up for a photo shoot on my living room floor and that’s about as much as we did! He was still little bitty!
This year he’s running…so it should be an adventure! I’ve been trying to think of something cute…and something he won’t be uncomfortable in {it’s still hot in Texas in October} or rip off like hats or masks!
I found these precious hats…which would NEVER work for him because he’d rip them off before you could blink…but they are too cute not to SHARE!! To access purchase info please click on title below pictures.

The Little Lion (Roarrrrr)image Dr. Seuss Red and White Strip Hat with Bow


Pumpkin Pixie Hat


Little Lamb
Little Lamb (Black)

Aren’t they BEYOND ADORABLE!!! I wish Jaxon was still wittle enough to leave a cute hat ALONE!
All hats are available from:

**All photos are from Sweet Pea Toad Tots

Friday, September 10, 2010


I’ve managed to complete a few projects recently…but haven’t had time to share! I finally sat down and uploaded a few pics of the most recent projects.
I recently made a sign for my {fireplace mantle} that says “BLESSED.” I wanted to see it everyday to remind me we are blessedalways.
Sept 06 2010 015
Sept 06 2010 018
I also re-did an antique chair my Mom gave me. It started as this…
And turned out like this….
Phone pics 09-10-2010 010
Phone pics 09-10-2010 011
I’m not sure I’m digging the lace with the burlap pad cover…but for now it’ll work!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Wreaths….

So let’s keep talking about Fall decorations shall we? I’m definitely going to need to update my door’s been a few months and I need new pretties to look at! Here’s my door now…
Moms Camera 061
Remember my tissue paper tutorial found here? It has been holding up great and going strong since April. I’m really shocked it did so well!! But…I’m itching for a new look!!
Here are a few unique ideas that I’m going to choose from…or who knows…I love them all…maybe I’ll make all of them??
Image: Something to Do
Image: Martha Stewart
Image: Write it Down
Image: Dream Home
Image: Made by Nicole
Image: Craftaholics Anonymous
Image: Mine for the Making
You can see why I can’t make up my mind now! Caaaauuuuuuuuute!! Do you ever find so many ideas…that you can’t narrow it down??  I’m soooo there right now!! Love these!!
Awhile back I did try out the {Coffee Filter} wreath…but mine’s way too poofy for my front door…my glass outer door mushes it!! DOH!! But this would definitely also be a great…cheap…cute Fall wreath idea!!
I started with this:
May 20 2010 003
The easiest way I found for gluing the filters to the wreath…with out burning the {shrizzle} out of your fingers with hot glue is to use a pencil like this….
May 20 2010 004
Then just dab a little bit of glue on the tip of the pencil and poke it in the wreath…quickly of course before the glue sets up! Then just keep adding the filters like this….
May 20 2010 009
Just a thought…you could possibly start from the outside…I started from inside.
This is the final outcome:
May 20 2010 020
I love the vintagy color of the natural coffee filters. I added some ribbon and hung it on my old-timey vintage door that leads to my utility room….since it was way too POOFY for my front door!
Moms Camera 086
Moms Camera 084
The cost for this wreath was about 2 to 3 clams. I had the ribbon and glue sticks. That’s pretty fabulous for a wreath!  You could personalize this idea for Fall in soooo many different ways!!
Have fun creating! I’ll post a tutorial of whatever OTHER wreath I decide to make…one that fits my door I hope!!
Have a SUPER Monday!