Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wild Life Cams…

Have you guys seen or heard of wild life cams?? I mean for realzzzzz…I’m totally addicted!!!!

Tonight I was working on my editing…and watching the Live African Cam…look what came up!!!


I’m so loving it!!! It’s just so cute! And you can see little birds crawling up and down it’s back. What the french….toast?? I didn’t know that happened.

I wish I could see a lion…gulp! SCARY! But GROOVY!!!

There’s a whole PLETHORA of cameras to watch. I watched the barn owl cam with the babies. Pretty neato burrito. The underwater cams are creepy…fish are just creepy and mean looking. Eeeeew.

Click HERE to watch cams!! Tell me what you think and if you just LOVE them as much as I do!! Kiddos would totally love this! It’s just so thrilling!!

I also love the sound of all the birds and wildlife on the Africa cam. It’s a very ZEN way to chill out while editing and working.

If you see a lion you better screen capture and tell me!! Happy animal watching!!

Love! Love!


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