Friday, October 22, 2010

I {heart} pallets!!

I know…pallets?? The {un-loved-piled-up-and-forgotten} PALLETS??? Doesn’t that sound just crazy??
But I really do! People are doing some AMAZING and CREATIVE things with pallets. It makes me DROOL!! And I’m such a sucker for the recycled-rustic look!! I’m just diggin’ it!!
Check out these amazing projects that have my creative sparks flying. I need to build something with pallets now!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!
Olabisi Wine Tasting Room Shelving
I’m totally smitten. They also used my fav {burlap}…it just doesn’t get any better!!!
Pallet daybeds are also all the rage right now, and I’m lovin’ them! I just want to build one…just because.
Pallet Reading Bed for the Nursery
Ashley Campbell of ashley ann photography is simply amazing. I love her work! You must check her out!

Lorie Danielle is another FAB blogger. Oh she’s soooo creative!! And I’m BEYOND in love with this bed too! Isn’t it MARVELOUS!!!
I love this room….it looks so inviting and calm. With all the right recycled-rustic touches!! :0)
And how about this DESK!! Seriously…it makes my heart go PiTtEr PaTteR!!!
Pallet Desk Project
Oh…my….goodness. Isn’t it WONDERMOUS!! Love…love…love it! did you notice all the old gears…vintage goodies…and just OLD YUMMINESS??? *Sigh…it’s so wonderful!!*
I really love all the table possibilities too!!
Pallet Coffee Tables

I adore the wheels on this one!!!
And shelves…they make WONDERFUL shelving!!
Here’s the kicker of ALL kickers. Are you ready for this project? No I don’t think so…you better sit down. I’ll wait…..
Okay….check out this PALLET project!!!

What the FRENCH…….TOAST?? It’s a PALLET HOUSE!! Whoooaaaa. That’s just amazing!! Think of the possibilities!!!
Now really!! Think of the possibilities here. I’m thinking garden shed…storage shed…groovy outdoor patio-sitting area thing?? Hmmm…very very GROOVY!!
I have a few key pieces of wood in my {junk wood pile}….you do have a junk wood pile too…don’t you?? Everyone should have one!!
I think I could definitely start making a PALLET something this weekend??? Why don’t you come on over and we’ll build something!!! If you do build a PALLET something send me a pic! I would love to see what you come up with!! We should start a
PALLET REVOLUTION. LOL. Okay maybe not…but let’s make a pallet pretty something!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DrUm RoLL PuHLeAZe............

It'S oFFiCiAL, mY BeStIe & I aRe nOw BuSinEss PaRtNerZ!!


TrUnQuE of JuNQuE PhOtOgRaPhY is HeRe!!

Banner Love smaller

We aRe nOw TaKinG aPPoiNtMenTs!!

ChEck Us OuT by cliCkiNg HeRe 

or by CliCkiNg our BaNnEr AbOvE!!

HiT uS uP foR YoUr FaB SessIon!!

We aRe ebOoKed ThrU NoVemBer 6th!

SeTTing aPPoIntMentS TheReafTer! ♥! 


loVe, huGz, & ShAg CarPet RugZ♥! 

LoRie & TiFFaNy

{tE-He…wE aRe SooOOOoooo ExCiTeD!!}

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween tree!!

My little stinker-pot has a stomach bug today…oh…my…word. I’ve been cleaning up, mopping up and wiping up puke-a-duke most of the day. Whew…projectile throw up days are such a blastedy-blast!!
Buuuuut…..I wanted to share my Halloween tree that I made the other day…since it is getting closer…and closer to TRICK or TREAT time!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!
To make the tree I used a bunch of stuff I already had. I used an old, rusty bucket; a string of left-over orange lights; a spray-painted branch from a backyard tree; and ribbon. Seriously EASIE PEASIE!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 656
I found a branch in my back yard and spray-painted it black…and then with a little bit of BLINGY silver glitter spray. I also found a rusty, bucket that already had dirt in it and poked the branch in to stand up! I painted the number 3 on the bucket…who the heck knows why…I just felt like it needed it.
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 672
Jaxon helped paint the number three too…it was pretty CUTE!! My little helper loves to HELP!!
After our PAINT JOB, I threw in the string of lights. {Side note: I bought these about 2 years ago at the DG…I’m sure they have them every year!}
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 671
To finish it off I cut small strips of Halloween ribbon and tied bows all over the branches…and VIOLA!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 669b
Cheapo…CUTE-ARRIFIC….Halloween tree!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 656
I should have moved the darn thing for the photo shoot…sorry it’s a tad hard to see!! It’s really FAB in person!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 655
P. S.
Check out my little goodies I found the other day at GW!! Omg ladies…sorry to boast but they are MARVELOUS!!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 663
Hopefully my stinker will get better ASAP and we can get our PUMPKIN decorating ON!!!! And hopefully I can announce my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT soon too! Ooohhh…it’s so MARVELOUS!!! LOVE LOVE!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday doodles….

I’m super obsessed with graphics and photography. {Hmmm…you knew that already}

I found some great sayings that I want to {play with} and make little clip-art picture thinga-ma-bobbies. Yeppers…those things.

Made one this afternoon…and it’s now time to get back to editing for work.


That’s right cowboys and cowgirls…pull those boots up….and SADDLE UP! John Wayne said so…SO IT IS SO. I’m totally in that KIND OF MOOD these days. It’s absolutely marvelous.

I’m painting a floor in between my {REAL} work stuff. It’s so darn cute that I’m tickled pink with myself. Sometimes I’m too cool for myself! Oh my gravy….so funny…and I’m soooo kidding!! But it REALLY is FABULOUS. Is it possible to be smitten with a FLOOR???

Adios chickadees…and chickadoos….

LoVe…PeAcE….and ChIcKeN GrEaSe!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little girls are just perfect-

I had the honor of taking pictures of my best friends little girl….Miss Mya Landrie.

And can I just say…she is a PERFECT PRINCESS. No really….she’s an absolute doll. I cannot put into words how precious she is…and just BEAUTFIUL!!!!

I just had to share a few of the pictures. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to taking pictures of Jaxon…aka TAZ / WILDMAN who is NEVER STILL…or if she’s just soooooo SWEET and PERFECT that she’s already a precious little SUPER MODEL.

Whatever it was…it was an easy…enjoyable shoot…well besides the MONSTROUS MOSQUITOS…..

and I’m OH SO PROUD of how great the pictures turned out!!!

P.S. I’m super stoked too…my BFF and I have business plans that are T-TOTALLY rockin’!!! {{As if we aren’t already big enough JACK-OF-ALL-TRADE girls as it is!!!}}


Miss Mya 042

Miss Mya 097

Miss Mya 069b

Miss Mya 077

Miss Mya 057

Miss Mya 043

Miss Mya 126

Miss Mya 047sepia

Miss Mya 048

Miss Mya 050

Miss Mya 108

Miss Mya 110b

Miss Mya 094

Miss Mya 125

Miss Mya 135

Miss Mya 139b

Miss Mya 142b

Miss Mya 116