Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween tree!!

My little stinker-pot has a stomach bug today…oh…my…word. I’ve been cleaning up, mopping up and wiping up puke-a-duke most of the day. Whew…projectile throw up days are such a blastedy-blast!!
Buuuuut…..I wanted to share my Halloween tree that I made the other day…since it is getting closer…and closer to TRICK or TREAT time!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!
To make the tree I used a bunch of stuff I already had. I used an old, rusty bucket; a string of left-over orange lights; a spray-painted branch from a backyard tree; and ribbon. Seriously EASIE PEASIE!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 656
I found a branch in my back yard and spray-painted it black…and then with a little bit of BLINGY silver glitter spray. I also found a rusty, bucket that already had dirt in it and poked the branch in to stand up! I painted the number 3 on the bucket…who the heck knows why…I just felt like it needed it.
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 672
Jaxon helped paint the number three too…it was pretty CUTE!! My little helper loves to HELP!!
After our PAINT JOB, I threw in the string of lights. {Side note: I bought these about 2 years ago at the DG…I’m sure they have them every year!}
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 671
To finish it off I cut small strips of Halloween ribbon and tied bows all over the branches…and VIOLA!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 669b
Cheapo…CUTE-ARRIFIC….Halloween tree!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 656
I should have moved the darn thing for the photo shoot…sorry it’s a tad hard to see!! It’s really FAB in person!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 655
P. S.
Check out my little goodies I found the other day at GW!! Omg ladies…sorry to boast but they are MARVELOUS!!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 663
Hopefully my stinker will get better ASAP and we can get our PUMPKIN decorating ON!!!! And hopefully I can announce my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT soon too! Ooohhh…it’s so MARVELOUS!!! LOVE LOVE!

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The Autocrat: Haley said...

Lovin' the sticks! Great job!