Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mirror up-do!

It never fails that when I download pics…my DH has taken a few that I was unaware of. Here are few that he took that made me smile…
With all the much needed yet crazy rain in Texas…our roses are blooming…
July 07 2010 013
Our Crepe Myrtle is also pretty and pink!
July 07 2010 015
And a potato from our garden posing by a toy…
July 07 2010 016
I’ve been busy trying to get back in sync after our holiday weekend. It’s Thursday…and I just now feel like things are sorta-kinda back to normal. Lol.
I have managed a few make-overs for the week. In between article deadlines…editing…laundry…dirty diapers and toys everywhere…I painted a mirror my Mom and I found at the SA last week. I also actually painted my French desk I scored from Craigslist awhile back. Sigh…finally.
For today I’m just posting the mirror…I still have two articles to write... a few more loads of laundry..and a toddler who has many toys to conquer.  {It's funny how people assume that if you work from have so much free time...I've seriously had people act like I sit around watch T.V. and eat bon-bons. LOL. Can someone direct me where to find that free time?}

Sooo anywho…a teeny mirror make-over is what I could muster together for today!
I loved this mirror from the moment I found it…even if it was a little “broken.” It was $5…very big…and I knew I could make it pretty again.
July 07 2010 032
July 07 2010 036
I painted it white (of course) and I found a few vintage fake flowers in my inherited sewing box from my Granny. They were from a corsage of some sort. I thought it was neat that they were vintage…and special. So I glued them to my mirror and now it’s pretty!!
July 07 2010 087
July 07 2010 055
And since I was taking pics in our itty-bitty bathroom I took a few of some recycled decorations I threw in there the other day. I had some decor left from a party I decorated…and I thought they would go great with my shower curtain.
My crepe-paper rose balls….
July 07 2010 084
July 07 2010 095
My tissue paper balls….
July 07 2010 094
July 07 2010 081
July 07 2010 090
This room turned girly pretty fast with all the pink fluff…the DH hasn’t griped about it though…so I guess it will stay for now! Until I get another itch to re-do it!I added this project to Faded Charm "White Wednesdays"...check out all the goodies here.
Happy Thursday!