Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We’ve been working on all kinds of projects around here. I think the warm weather does that…the weather is pretty and it stirs up ideas and energy.
I’ve found some really great “thrift store” junking treasures. I’ve wanted Jaxon to have wooden toys…like blocks and cars etc. (As if we don't have ENOUGH TOYS already!!!) I thought about slowly building up his collection and “lo-and-behold” I found him all sorts of treasures there other day. For dirt cheap!!!! But of course…I had to wash them to get possible germs off! Ha ha!
Projects May 18 2010 073
The wood appears wet…because it had just been washed and partially dried! And yes here they are…drying after a good scrubbing!!
Projects May 18 2010 075
This little doll/stacker is his favorite. He takes all the pieces off and then puts them on again. Except we had to take the smaller red pieces away…they seemed a little small and a possible choking hazard. She only has one “piggy-tail!” 
Projects May 18 2010 077
This one was just too cute…we had one growing up and he loves to pretend he’s talking on the phone!
Projects May 18 2010 074
A few other goodies that I found include these:
Projects May 18 2010 088
Projects May 18 2010 109
Projects May 18 2010 116
I have no idea what I’ll use them for. Probably storage containers. Jax thinks they are fun toys!
Projects May 18 2010 137

And finally….another treasure I found…and did a MINI-Makeover on!!!
I  found this little chalkboard. WAAAY cute paint job and distressing…I was not realy digging the wine deco thingy.
Projects May 18 2010 098

Sooooo….I Modge Podged a piece of scrap book paper over it! And voila!!
May 21 003
May 21 007
One of the easiest make-overs EVER! And it’s just DAHLING now!
Hope your week is GREAT!


Unknown said...

Hi dear Tiffany! thank you for having entered my giveaway!!! I loved all the baby shower photos and your "new" chalkboard is amazing!!!
I'm a new follower!


Little ol' Me said...

I just love vintage kids toys from the 50's - 70's. I recently found the most darling children's iron in pink and yellow. It sits in my laundry room now :)

Love what you did with the chalk board, what a cute and easy fix!

Unknown said...

LOL, I think I had that phone in the early '80's! :) Love what you did with the chalkboard! I don't seem to have good luck thrifting, but I think that makes me give up too easily.