Monday, March 21, 2011

My MARVELOUS birthday!

Holi Canolies! I had the BEST weekend. My birthday was Sunday, and the entire weekend was just MARVELOUS!
And because I had such a great weekend…I have nada for a scheduled blog. That’s okay though…keeping things different…is a GOOD THING! You never know what to expect around here! LOL!☺
Now back to my fabulous birthday weekend….
My best friend and I went JUNKING on Saturday. Before we went to “finger the beads” as my granny used to call it….she took me out for lunch at a local BBQ place in Midland, Texas…about 25 miles from our little town.
Saturday 039
Saturday 042
O M G. It was SO GOOOOOOOOOD! In fact….it was so good…we had to take a few pictures!
Saturday 014
Saturday 015
Saturday 018
Saturday 017
Saturday 016
Mya had a few lemons while we were there too…so funny….
Saturday 022
Saturday 026
Saturday 027
Saturday 030
After our bellies were OH SO FULL…we then had an impromptu photo shoot of Miss Mya! Isn’t she the most beautiful little girl ever!!
Saturday 124b
Saturday 051b
I LOVE this one of Mya and her Mommy!
Saturday 196bb
After our photo shoot….we hit the JUNK fabulousness!
We found 2 fabulous green chairs. One at Goodwill…and another in an alley. Oh lordy!
They are SUPER fabulous. We plan to use one for photo shoots…and the other I am going to use as a vintage chair for my home office!
I didn’t have pictures of the two lima bean jewels on my camera so I will have to show them off at a later date!!
I also had a fabulous Ihop date with my parents last night too! So fun! Waffles, French toast, and all sorts of yumminess to celebrate my birthday! I AM SO LOVED!!
One of the neatest things I experienced for my birthday was all of the warm birthday wishes I received on my personal Facebook page. All day long my phone would beep that I had new postings on my wall. It made my day!! To hear from all of your friends on your birthday is priceless! If you don’t Facebook…it’s worth it just for that!!!
Well I’m off to cleaning and working land now!! Back to reality!! LOL! I only have one closet left to conquer too! Yipeeeeeeeeee! Why are closets such a doozie to work through??? Uuugh!!!
Have a SUPER Monday!!!

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