Friday, April 23, 2010

Vintage Record Player Re-Do

My BFF gave this antique radio/record player to me about a year ago. We have shuffled it all over the house in different rooms, but it never really had a home. There were many times I almost got rid of it...and then the other day I had a vision! Black paint with new fabric on the speakers!!  I used black paint that I already had...and an old pillow case that was frayed and had been stored for scrap material!

I'm totally in love with it now! Not only is it FAB was FREE!!

I can't wait until Jaxon gets older and I can use it to put family pictures on...or something else groovy and decorative!

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Little ol' Me said...

Totally in love with this! You could even swap out the material to something seasonal during the holidays! OHHH I'm so looking for one of these when I'm out thrifting!

Great job, love your blog, and I'll be bookmarking you and stopping back by again,
(we Tiffany's have to stick together after all :) lol)

Unknown said...

Hi. I have a similar stereo that I'm looking to do something similar with. Is yours made out of real wood?