Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous Friday: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Oh haaappy WONDAH-ful FRIDAY to you friends!!! This week has been an EPIC week!! So many amazing things have happened. I know I say it all the time. But I am so beyond blessed. I’m really more than blessed…if there’s a word for that!!!

I’m so super excited about today.

My Pops is coming over to help me bust a little clutter around my backyard! Yeppers! I am putting on my work gloves to HAUL off some major unnecessary JUNK and CANNOT WAIT!
Isn’t that hilarious…it’s the little things that make this MAMMA so HAPPY! I’ve accumulated entirely too much scrap wood, furniture projects etc. And I can’t take it anymore. I want a fresh, clean back porch and yard.

About a week ago I went through every closet and every room bashing clutter. I chunked it out the back door in a pile. Let’s just say it was NOT attractive at all. I can only imagine what that the trash truck driver guy thought when he drove down our alley. LOL!☺

Do you ever have moments like that? Like you MUST get the CRUD out of your house…that very second. Maybe you aren’t OCD about clutter like me…or maybe you have a BIGGER house and it doesn’t get out of control like mine!! LOL!!!!

So…that’s my clutter soap box!! We are under “OPERATION CLUTTER BUSTING” around here..and I’m SUPAH stoked!!


I also wanted to tell you about a groovy Mamma beauty discovery!!!

I NEVER paint my fingernails. I paint my toenails. But NEVER my fingernails. It just peels off almost as soon as I put it on…and I don’t have that much time to waste. And I don’t to mess with it really.

But, the other day my Mom and I were in line waiting for Jaxon’s prescriptions and they had an end-cap display of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips.

My Mom, who is on a mission to help me be a HOT Mamma again, said pick out a pair and try them! They are cute!! So I did!!!

Amanda 001
I picked a CUTE GLITTERY style!

Amanda 007

I felt like a total GOOF putting them on at first!! But after the first few was on a roll!! It didn’t take long at all!!

Amanda 010

They are SUPAH cute!! And I’ve read that they didn’t last that long for other ladies but for me they last OVER the 10 advertised days!! I LOVED them and can’t wait to try a new design!!!
They lasted through lots’ of dish washing, diaper/hiney cleanings and all that other FUN MAMMA stuff!!

Try some this weekend!! They are FUN and SASSY!! Plus they are a super EASY makeover that you don’t need to go to a STINKY nail salon for!!

Have an EPIC weekend!!!


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