Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo shoots are too stinkin’ fun!!

I often forget to include all of my photo fun on Easie Peasie…so I’m going to try to regularly show you a few behind the scenes action…or just some new things we might be trying out!

This weekend we had such a blast at a bridal shoot we did in a neighboring town. We laughed from beginning to the end!! We had stalker armadillos that scared our pants off…and we had to chase one away! We even did a little planking! Our bride was such a great sport!! She did every crazy pose and place we wanted!! See what I mean!! LOL!!!

Amanda 630

Sonya planking like a champ off of the SPRINGS wall!!

Amanda 739

Lorie getting a few shots!

Amanda 719

And me on the OTHER SIDE of the SPRINGS!

Here’s how a few turned out!

Amanda 956 logo

Amanda 316 logo

Amanda 063 logo

She is GORGEOUS!!!


We also did a fun photo shoot in the West Texas Full Moon with our little gang of friends on Friday night! WAY FUN!!! We did these with a point & shoot camera…it would have been neat to see what a BIG BESSY camera would have done!!

LOOK I’m touching the MOON!

Pretty neato burrito huh??? It was SO FUN!!!

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week SO FAR!!!!



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