Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MORE Glittery NAILS!

Oh good gravy! I think I’m officially addicted to glittery nails. I’m a little late I think!
Is 32 entirely to late to like GLITTER nails! Ha ha ha ha!!

Last week I told you about my fabuloso stick on polish nails…and this weekend I found an even cheaper cute way to have sassy glitter fingers!!

I used a purple polish my Mom gave me and topped it with a glittery polish I bought at Wal-Mart. Or THE Wal-Mart as we West Texas folk like to say.☺

glitter 087

Just a side note…it’s hard as heck to photograph your dang fingernails. It’s a  little wonka!

glitter 088

Teee-totally in love with the outcome. Way cute!! Glitter polish is a major drag to remove though…so I won’t be so chipper when it is time to take it off. But for now…I’m lovin’ it!!

glitter 095
glitter 090

And I did my TOENAILS too!!! Of course!!

glitter 103

Feet are just as hard to photograph. SO funny!!! 
 Grab a polish…and some glitter and HAVE FUN!!!!

glitter 100


1 comment:

Emily said...

Hello! New to reading your blog. I'm in love with glitters fingernails too. I use the peel and stick Sally Hansen nail polish too. I love the pink glittery ones. I wish I could paint my nails better because it would definitely be a lot cheaper. Hah! We call it THE wal-mart where I'm from too. We also call shopping carts buggies. Love the blog!