Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday Toddler Activities: St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Printable

Wheeeeeeew Nelly. This week. is. ugggghhhh.
The dirt/sand will not stop blowing in our corner of Texas. And it really makes me have a slightly bad mood. I dislike it very MUCH! Lol!
It makes tooter in a bad mood too…see….
Ohhhh toddler fits and dusty skies. Funtimes.
We did make a little craftie last week that Jaxon liked!! It was SUPER easy. I printed it…put it in a frame…and viola..crafty MADE!
Isn’t it CAAUTE??? I especially like my little “hand” model.
Jaxon really liked the colors…I think at first he thought the buttons were real.
He was able to tell me where the RED and BLUE buttons were. We are slowly building our color recognition! What a cute way to study COLORS!
After looking at all the colors, we finally found it a “home” in the kitchen window. It’s cheery and bright!
**The printable is from the FABULOUS Funky Polkadot Giraffe and can be found by clicking HERE! ** 

Have a SUPER-DUPER day!!


Unknown said...

LOOOVe this!! Curious...what is the bird jar?

Tiffany said...

It is just a vintage blue Mason jar....and I spray painted that little birdie white and put it on top! LOL! I got the little birdie last Spring at Hobby Lobby for like $2-$3 dollars. =)

coupons canada said...

I am definitely doing this with my son! Thanks!