Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Funnies: Just call me Printer Repairer Mamma!

Oh good gravy! Yay for the crazy Spring loco-ness in the air! The days are getting longer and it seems like they are getting a tad more loco and hectic too!
This week has been one challenge after the other. Which really isn’t all that out-of-the-norm, but it’s the “challenges” that are just….caaraaazy.
For example, I had a really cute idea for today’s post, which was thrown off by a repair job I had to complete.
Oh let me pull out my Mamma repair britches!!
You see…I received an exciting email about a possible writing position with a new company…with exciting opportunities. Hip-hip-hooooooray!
BUT…I had to download and print a confidentiality document.
Soooo….I downloaded the document…and was ready to print when I found this!!!

printer 002
You probably don’t know what “IT” is…but I did.
Here begins a Mamma not breathing. Pass out even….maybe.
That’s one of my turquoise earrings.
Wrapped around the spoil thingy that moves the paper through my printer.
And I’ll give you ONE GUESS who dropped an earring in my PRINTER!

His name begins with a J and ends with an N!!!

Oooooohhhhh lordy.
So I spent a good 45 minutes with my printer like this…..


and a pair of TWEEZERS!

Finally….I was able to get it out.

Well I hope it’s all out. I have no idea really.

Here’s what’s left…..

Hmmm…working from home is truly a blessing.

Working at home with a toddler…is a whole different blessing and challenge that I should maybe start writing a book about!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend! I’m hoping to paint a little…clean a little…work a lot…rest a little…and enjoy the life I am so blessed to have!


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affectioknit said...

YAY! for you getting that printer fixed!