Monday, March 14, 2011

Mamma Mondays–Spring Cleaning!

Spring is just around the corner. Yay! I really can feel the “spring itch” to clean and get things in order. The warm weather is delish right now!
I actually spent my entire Sunday outside. I knew that I had the entire day to clean my backyard, without my little helper, who was gone for the weekend.
I cleaned out my garden area, raked my entire yard and cleaned 8 bags worth of debris and other yuckiness. I needed to be done, but it hadn’t been done in a looooong time. I even cleaned out my little shed thingy. Yipeeee!
It looks so nice and inviting back there now! My back is a little sore, but the outcome was well worth it!
Soooo…with this “spring fever” I started researching other ideas for getting my house in tip-top shape for the warmer days. Oh how I love the Internet!
In addition to basic cleaning, here are some additional things that I that I intend to do too:
1. Dusting light bulbs
I never knew you should do this one?? Hmm…but it can’t be that bad!

2. Cleaning out my fridge
FOR SURE! I love a shiny, clean fridge! I never thought about including this with my Spring cleaning.

3. Clean curtains
Because of Jaxon’s asthma and allergies I have to do this more than once a year. It really does make a difference! I almost forgot about this as part of Spring cleaning! I will be cleaning our blinds too!

4. Print a Stain Removal chart for my laundry room
Hello lovely. I need some backup forces for stains with my little tooter. I hate when good clothes get bad stains. It makes my frugal heart just sick. I think I can save a few clothes…maybe…with this handy dandy chart! I need something handy…because honestly I’m not going to take the time to Google a stain cleaning idea in the middle of doing laundry. Sooooo I’ll keep the chart by my washer…and have it ready when I need it! FABULOUS!
Chart (From Martha Stewart) can be downloaded by clicking HERE!

5. Change ceiling fan direction
Okay so this one I always…always forget. I can get things so backwards in my mind. I’m always standing under my fan thinking… “Is it clockwise for warm weather? Or is it counterclockwise? Oh heck….let’s see if I can feel more air blowing.” And then like a goober, I still NEVER figure it out!!! So…for myself mainly…here it is!
Cold months = clockwise direction
Warmer months = counterclockwise direction
Whew…glad to have that FINALLY settled.
Now let me get dizzy-with-it and figure out which direction all my fans are going!

My friend and I have dedicated this week as Eat, Pray, Love…Spring Break week. She’s on vacation, I’m at home. But  together in spirit, we are taking this week to eat splendid food, spend extra time in prayer and meditation and LOVE our life and everyone in it.
(((Read the book and watch the movie this week, if you haven’t already!)))
In addition to my Eat, Pray, Love week…. one of my goals is loving my home…by Spring cleaning!
My main Spring cleaning goal is to get our closets cleaned out. We have teeny closets in our little house and they can get cluttered very quickly and easily.

I’m on a mission to de-clutter and bring them back to life. They are the only thing that is still pretty cluttered in my home. I think conquering them will make me feel soooooo much better.

The closet in my utility room is the worst and I am so not looking forward to it. But once it’s done, oh it’s going to be MARVELOUS!
My second big Spring cleaning goal is to organize my home office. I need it to run like a well-oiled-machine. Ha ha ha…when I taught…we used to be told our classrooms should run like that. If we were gone, could our classrooms still function? I need my home office to run like that. I need less PAPER clutter.
I’m making room for new successes in all areas of my life…but most especially with my work…and I need it to be tip-top fabulous!
Hope your week is starting off with a bang!
Try doing your own Eat, Pray, Love week! Enjoy exfoliating your home for a new season of success and love!

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affectioknit said...

What a great list!'ll still be a couple of months before I switch to Spring Cleaning mode...for some reason I think you need to open windows to do that...