Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday Toddler Activities: Chocolate Sprinkle Birthday Marshmallow Pops

**Sorry for the delay in this post. We had a LARGE time yesterday for Jaxon’s birthday…and didn’t fit in time to finish this little posty!
My goodness gracious.
Today is Jaxon’s 2nd birthday.
That’s right.
My little boy…is officially 2.
I will no longer have to say “Oh he’s 18 months old…20 months old”…and so on.
He’s a BIG BOY number now.
That’s crazy!
In celebration of his BIG DAY we made cute party favors as our craft for today!
They were cheap…cute…and easy!
Jaxon LOVED them!
They were a little messy…I was barefoot…and had a few rainbow sprinkles stuck to my toes when it was all said and done.
But we had FUN!

To make your own Chocolate Sprinkle Birthday Marshmallow Pops you will need:
*1 cup or more of chocolate chips
*1 bag of marshmallows
*1 bag of lollipop sticks
*Sprinkles of your choice

I poured my chocolate chips into a medium glass  bowl and microwaved them for 30 seconds. I took out the bowl, stirred the chips, and put the bowl back in the microwave to cook for another 30 seconds. After they were done, I stirred the chips until they all melted into a smooth, gooey texture.
bday treats 2529
I poked marshmallows with lollipop sticks and laid them on a paper plate.
bday treats 2524
I also poured a lot of SPRINKLIES into a bowl.
bday treats 2526
Then…the fun began!
I set everything out for Jax…and showed him how to first, dip the marshmallow in the chocolate…..
bday treats 2536
Then the sprinkles….
bday treats 2550
He LOVED this.
He loved taste tasting everything…even better!
bday treats 2561
He was so excited to get so much sugar all at once…which doesn’t happen often at our house! LOL!
We made a few…..and
bday treats 2564
Tasted a few….
bday treats 2552
until they were all done!
bday treats 2565
I poked them into a floral foam ball I hot-glued to a little bowl.
bday treats 2575
I decorated the foam base with tulle and a few party favors. It would have been MUCH SMARTER to decorate the base BEFORE poking all the treats in. I’m just sayin’….you might learn from my mistake!
bday treats 2592
I LOVE all the colors!
The reason I chose these SPRINKLIES is because they are Jaxon’s favorite. You could use any type and color that you choose!
bday treats 2607
What a SUPER centerpiece decoration!
They were a BIG hit at his little party too! Everyone loved them!
Hope you try them! They are SO FUN…and YUMMO! I don’t even like marshmallows…but these are REALLY GOOD!
On a slightly different note, I’ve seen in blog-land that many bloggers are doing a day of silence on Friday in honor of the victims of the Japan earthquake tragedy.
I will be participating in the day of silence as well…keeping them in my prayers and sending them love and positive thoughts for healing and recovery.

Hope you all have a MARVELOUS rest of the week!


Lorena said...

These look YUMMO!! I will be trying these for sure.

affectioknit said...

They do look like fun! I've got a recipe for vegan marshmallows I've been wanting to try - and this looks like a perfect thing to do with some of them...

Emily said...

I do these for Valentine's Day with the pink strawberry marshmallows. They are always a HUGE hit!

Sally said...

So cute! I'm a new fan! Just shared on our blog today: