Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toddler Fall Painting Craft

Happy middle of the week!!!
If you are looking for a sweet Fall project to do with your munchkin, I have something that will make your day! Jax had a BLAST making these!!
Chatwell Fam 061
All you need is paint in a few fall colors like  brown, orange, yellow and/or red, paintbrushes and paper!
I initially had the BRILLIANT idea that I would have Jaxon make a handprint tree and paint the leaves with fingerprints. And yes he did eventually do that, but I had to just let him do his thing and he made a few extra pieces of art work.
Chatwell Fam 001
This little boy is SUPER serious about art time. What was I thinking that I would tell him how to do his art? LOL!
He first made what he said were pumpkins….
Chatwell Fam 013
Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever!!!
Chatwell Fam 012

After his pumpkin masterpiece  was completed, he practiced making fingerprint leaves. He thought that was pretty swell.
I helped him paint his hand brown, and we made a handprint tree like this:
Chatwell Fam 015
Then I let him go-to-town painting all his leaves!
Chatwell Fam 018
Love it!!!!
Here’s his PUMPKINS -
Jax Fall Art2
And here’s his fingerprint Fall tree -
Jax Fall Art1
This was an easy, cheap and super FUN craftie to do with Jax. He LOOOOOVED it and Mamma LOOOOOVES his artwork!!!
Hope you have a BLESSED Day!!!