Friday, November 11, 2011

I was featured today!

It makes my day when others enjoy my crafties or project ideas. Isn’t that point of blogging…to share all our God-given creative gifts and ideas with each other! I think so!!

Lately my homemade finger paints have been everywhere. It’s such a BLESSING! I never knew such a simple project would be so fun for so many Mammas!

Today that post was featured on Sew Mamma Sew’s


Click the box to visit the post and find some amazing art project and gift ideas.

While you're there…check out the daily lists they are putting together for HANDMADE HOLIDAYS this year.

I adore it!!!!

I know you will too!!


Have a BLESSED weekend!


1 comment:

krisha said...

I found a link to your finger paint on a norwegian blog. I just LOVE it. Cant wait for my 9 month old cherub to get old enough to enjoy! and I just had to visit your blog-so nice! I will visit again soon.