Monday, November 14, 2011

Texas Cotton Fields…

We have been having such a BLESSED time lately. Nothing out of the ordinary…but just some special and BLESSED days. It’s still sheer chaos most days trying to get the old to-do list done…but the days are just sweeter! I think it’s because it’s FALL! Fall days are always SWEET!

And speaking of sweet…I have to tell you about a SUPER SWEET senior photo session from last week.

This guy…was a baby when I was in high school and I used to babysit him and his sweet sister. Talk about feeling oooooooooooold! He’s a SENIOR now! Oh my gravy!!

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His Mom wanted part of his session to be in their family’s cotton field at the perfect time when the cotton was perfectly white and poofy! I loved it!! When the time was right…me any my little side-kick Jaxon went out to meet them in one of their fields.

And because they are soooooo sweet. Guess what Jaxon got to do while we did our session???


Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever!! He was in HOG-HEAVEN as we Texans like to say. It made my Mamma-Heart SO HAPPY TOO! What a sweet thing to do for a little boy who LOVES tractors!!

Tooo sweet!!

Hope your week is off to a MARVELOUS start!



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