Thursday, November 10, 2011

I’m in LOVE with my CrockPot!

I can be such a slow learner sometimes. I have seen MANY Mom’s praise their CrockPots…but do you think I listened? Oh no…I like to make things 10-times harder! LOL!!

Lately with my schedule and work-load, I’ve been in search of things to make my life easier. The sock-bun hair do…in love. Saves so much time. Cooking with my CrockPot. Omgeeeeeee. My life simplified times 100!!! I only cook with it lately. And I looooooooooooove it!!!

I’m learning to freeze food too! My Mom bought me a surprise deep freeze awhile back. A little one – and it’s PRECIOUS and PERFECT! I had no idea the amount of food we were wasting…and how much money I would save with a freezer!

When I cook…most of the time my picky toddler doesn’t like it. Soooo…I can’t eat it all! And it would eventually go to waste! Now…I freeze it! And I have meals out the WAZOOOO ready to go in my freezer.

Now factor in my CrockPot….and I’m in cooking bliss!


For example, this morning Jaxon and I whipped up a stew in less than 10 minutes.

This week after grocery shopping…I cooked the WHOLE thing of my ground beef. Then I divided it up into small freezer baggies with about 1-pound of meat in each baggie. (( HELLOOOOO another light-bulb moment for me! Cook your meat ahead of time = LESS WORK later!!))


Then I chopped up a few potatoes. These babies MADE my day! Purple POTATOES…LOVE THEM!!!!


My helper had fun too! He loooooooooves to help in the kitchen!


I let him add the carrots.


Love his JOYFUL heart!




I also let him add the salt, pepper and dried onions. ((I always used dried onions because they don’t go bad as quickly for me!))



LOVE it!!!!


Here’s my recipe-click image to enlarge!

roots recipe


Hope you have a BLESSED day!



Life Happens said...

In my opinion, whoever invented the crockpot was genius!! It's great for us busy moms!

daisy52 said...


Zip paper....crock pots! Life is complete! Know what else? Crock Pot cooker 'liners'! EXCELLENT! And as far as zip locks...I personally have a 'seal-a-meal' thingy which in itself is wonderful....but the Zip Lock bags that vaccuum seal are AMAZING! I keep them on hand always.

And I have a sock in my hair as we speak!! Hugs...b

Snoodles said...

I'm devastated. My hair isn't long enough for a sock bun. Sigh. I'm your newest follower...hopped over here from SewMamaSew - one of these days I'll have some grandkids (I hope) and I wanted to see your finger paint recipe! Great blog! I like the mix of recipes, photography, and crafts! I'll be back often!

Mandy said...

I agree with you - the crock pot is totally life changing!

Another tip, if you're interested - I always freeze my onions. I'll buy them when they are on sale and then chop them up and put them in the freezer. Whenever I am ready, I have chopped onions ready to go into any of my cooked dishes!