Monday, November 7, 2011


Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY!!

Hope everyone’s weekend was SWELL!! Mine sure was! I had a MARVELOUS last weekend class and enjoyed every second of it. My presentation was a HIT and it made my day! My professor actually told me that I taught Thoreau better than she did. I could have cried. What an honor…and what a HUGE COMPLIMENT!!!  I’ve had classes with her since I worked on my BA…she’s doesn’t say anything unless she means it. SO I knew…she meant it…and I really almost cried!! I had a moment when I was doing my presentation that I was like “Oh yes…teaching college…is where I want to be someday!!” It was awesome!!!

And don’t you know God had a few blessings up his sleeve for me while I was there too! I had the MOST AH-MAZING photo session opportunity. A dear and precious friend just happened to be in a neighboring town…for the weekend. Lo’ and behold her boyfriend PROPOSED TO HER!! She saw that I had “checked-in” to Sul Ross State University on Facebook and emailed me if it would be at all possible to drive over and do their engagement pictures where they were staying so they could capture the moment of their engagement weekend.

I almost fainted. I’ve been DREAMING about doing a session at the GAGE HOTEL in MARATHON, TEXAS! It is a GORGEOUS place!! Of course I screamed with delight…and we set up the session and after class on Saturday evening my Mom and I drove over to meet them.

It was the BEST photo session experience I’ve ever had I think!! I am such a cynic about love and marriage…you know my track history…and seeing these guys so in love just made my day. It made me a believer again!!! Robin is a precious, precious person…and a single Mom who works her fingers to the bone to make a beautiful life for her precious kiddos. God sent her such an amazing man in David…and you could literally FEEL the LOVE between them. I just had to share a few of their pictures with you!!!

R6 logo


R3 logo (2)

R logo

R4 logo

R3 logo

Don’t you JUST LOVE them!!! Aaaaah!!!


I also discovered a LIFE-CHANGING hair tutorial. Oh…my….goodness!!!!! I can’t wait to share this with you tomorrow!! If you have LONG hair…and like me…haven’t heard about curling your hair with a SOCK BUN…just wait!!! It is the BEST thing I’ve ever seen for having INSTANTLY BEAUTIFUL hair in the MORNING!!

Here’s a teaser….I had this hair…this morning…without a curling iron…and by barely doing anything to my hair….REALLY!!!!!!


Come back tomorrow and I will show you how!!!

Have a SUPER BLESSED day!!



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kristance! said...

i've got to admit. i've been quietly stalking your blog for a while (found you through pinterest!) so exciting to hear what God is doing in your life! and oh, those photos! i CRIED.the Lord is good!