Friday, November 4, 2011

Crafting and Blogging can totally help you get through GRAD SCHOOL!

Hi friends!!

I just have to say…I have the BEST blogging friends a bloggin’ Mamma could ask for!

I will have a better grade on my Thoreau research project because my dear and sweet Kat…all the way from New Zealand pointed out my TYPOS before I turned my project in!

Halleluiah Kat – THANK YOU BUNCHES!!! You saved a me from a few points off on my grade!!


Also…I’m realizing that having blogging craft supplies and a glue gun on hand…totally makes Graduate School final projects easier…..

I did this project earlier in the semester. We had to use Thoreau quotes with imagery that represented his thoughts.


And thank goodness I do a little photography…I was able to use my own photos. And…the funny thing…all the leaves are from a center-piece from a Fall wedding I shot the weekend before. Pretty funny right!!



Here’s some stuff I hot GLUED and PAINTED today for my final project presentation. These are samples of what students would do for their lessons.

This is a sample artwork lesson visual in response to a selection of Thoreau’s imagery. (( I did this VERY FAST so don’t judge me for my painting LOL!!))


This one is a Nature Board project students would do after a nature walk…and I HOT GLUED everything!!!


I totally cracked up when I was gluing the objects…I glued rocks on…and thought to myself…I’ve reached a new crafting level…I just hot glued ROCKS for a project! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!


This all probably sounds like some crazy stuff if you are just randomly reading my blog today!

I did my end-of-semester research project for a Thoreau Seminar class as a Teaching Unit. I did not want to do a boring 20+ page research paper, and since I taught and have plenty of experience writing lesson plans and units…this was PERFECT choice for me!!


I actually just finished everything….all my assignments are done for this weekend. It’s a little surreal…If I added up the hours of reading, studying and work put into this class…goodness. Not to mention the other 2  have as well.

But this one…will be done this weekend! And I made it!!! One down…two more to go!!


Have a SUPER BLESSED weekend!!



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