Monday, August 1, 2011

What was cookin’ this past weekend!

Hidy-hoooooooo bloggie friends!! Hope this Monday finds you in SWELL spirits!! We had a great weekend in Easie Peasie land. I finished up a few projects before Jax got home, and we had some YUMMO FOOD!!
I finally put a mini-blind on my front door window. I h.a.t.e. hanging mini-blinds. I’ve been putting that one off for at least three months. LOL! And it’s not even really up “right.” But it works and that’s all that matters to this Mamma!
Cam 024
It looks a whole lot better than my scrap piece of fabric I had up!!
I finally painted a dresser that a friend gave me. I wanted to do turquoise but I had black on hand. So black it was!!
Cam 003
Cam 014
As I mentioned on Facebook, she’s our new coffee bar and craft storage dresser. My little casa only has two closets, so I use dressers in every room for extra storage!!
Cam 016
Her details turned out really cute – you just really can’t see it! Black furniture is way hard to capture in a photo!
I also hung a shelf that my little Madre gave me last week. She made it a few years ago. It’s way super cute!
Cam 002
It’s perfect for our entry room!
Cam 019
On Sunday, I baked up a storm, which I haven’t done since Jax has been gone.
Cam 030
I decided to have a big dinner celebration to welcome him home! Remember how I told you about my favorite The Green Cattle blog last week?? And remember the recipes I shared?? Well…they are MARVELOUS!!!
I made Leslie’s Chile Relleno casserole….
Cam 035
And her Sopapilla cheesecake….
Cam 037
My goodness. It was beyond DELISH! My best friend came over with her sweet pea to have dinner. And we were both just blown away with how good it all was!! Go visit Leslie today…try a few of her recipes! You WILL BE HOOKED!!!
And finally….life is back to normal around here!
This sweet pea….is finally home!
Cam 038
You can tell he was thrilled that already…at breakfast…Mamma is taking pictures!! GO FIGURE!!!
Cam 039
Do we ever really know how much we can really love…til we have these little tooters! I missed him so much…and my heart is whole again!!!
Hope you all have a SUPAH Monday!!!

Love love love!!!


Kat said...

I love your blackboard! Is it an actual wall mounted one or blackboard paint please?

Tiffany said...

Hi Miss Kat!!! Thank you for your comment!! It's actually a dry erase board that I salvaged and painted with homemade chalkboard paint! Here's a link to the tutorial on how I made it!!

Have a super day!!


leslie said...

Girl - So glad you liked the recipes!!!! And as for the crafts - you are mucho talented!! Wish I could craft! Looks awesome!! Happy Tuesday.