Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Texas road trippin’!

When you live in a small town in Texas, most likely you commute to buy groceries, shop and go to a nice restaurant. I love living in my little small town. And going to our neighboring towns to shop is like a mini-road trip for me.

One of our neighboring towns, Big Spring is my favorite destinations. There are more trees and a few little hills that create a sense of “getting away” from the dusty, sandy cotton fields that surround my little town. There are lot’s cute little stores and places to “finger the beads” as my family says…which means browsing around and window shopping. LOL.

Last week, my sweet pea Mom and I went to Big Spring to eat and “finger the beads.” And for once, I finally remembered to take my camera to show all of the fun we had!

We started at our favorite….Just Peachy Café.
big spring 003

It’s only open during lunch hours…and it’s a cute house turned restaurant.
big spring 005

They have awesome, fresh food and amazing desserts!

big spring 007
big spring 008

You circle what you want on your little menu with a pencil!
big spring 004

Pretty cute. Then your server brings these amazing dishes!!!

This is what I had – a spicy chicken breast sandwich with pasta salad.
big spring 010

My Mom had a turkey breast sandwich with a crispy mandarin salad.
big spring 012

For dessert…because we always have dessert at the Just Peachy Café…my Mom had carrot cake….
big spring 015

And I had…my absolute favorite….Crème Brule. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yummo!
big spring 016

After a marvelous lunch…we went to our favorite coffee place! Beans World Café – a groovy coffee and bistro…in train car!!!
big spring 020

I found an awesome book that I’m reading….Never Say Never! How fitting!!!
big spring 025

It is the cutest train car bistro-coffee shop ever!
big spring 027

It’s actually founded by a local church and 10% of their profits go to their missions. In fact…..
big spring 022

Pretty amazing right? And they are always so friendly and sweet!!

Here’s the outside!
big spring 038
big spring 028
big spring 034

My Mom is going to kill me for not cropping her out…but this is too cute! LOL! There’s a cute patio outside you can dine at too!

big spring 031

We fell in love with the wall across from the train cars…it’s a perfect photo opp place!!

big spring 035

Just look at that delicious, old brick! LOL! Downtown Big Spring has amazing old buildings. A lot of them are abandoned. My BFF and I think they should let us have just one for a studio! LOL!

big spring 044
big spring 041
big spring 040

To continue our adventure we went to our favorite little Antique shop….
big spring 047

It must have been too hot…Aunt Bea was all closed up!
big spring 048

So we decided to just drive around and explore…and see if we found any cute shops!
We saw this building…but couldn’t tell what it was?? My little Mamma – marched right in to scope it out!

big spring 051
Oh my word!! J A C K P O T!!!!

big spring 052

Cutest stuff around!!! With GREAT prices to boot!! We had so much fun looking at all the treasures!!!
big spring 054
big spring 055
big spring 056
big spring 058

The owner was SO SWEET too! She let me pull out BIG BESSIE and snap a few shots!!!
We were SO THRILLED with our goodies!!!
Remember my CAUTTTE ladybug hat??


My Mom bought be that…plus the fabulous shades…and feather earrings there! So cute!!!!!
I’m so lucky to have such a precious Mom that will take me for special days like that!!! It’s the little things that mean so much!! And can make a single Mamma feel special!!!
Hope your week has been fabulous!!! I found out this morning that I am officially going to graduate school! Yahoooooooooooo!!! So…we will be talking a lot about organizing and time management around here. Work for myself…own a photography company…blog…plus graduate school! We will be on a mission to simplify…and stay organized for sure!!! I actually have a lot of toddler activities that I’ve researched also so I can’t wait to share that too! Jaxon will LOVE THEM!!
The Fall has so much in store! I can’t wait to share our journey with you!!! We are going to slowly get back into a blog schedule as well…so be watching for those changes too!!


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Kat said...

Hey Tiffany! Congratulations on getting into graduate school. That is wonderful news!!!

I love blogs about visiting places as it feels like a mini holiday without the expense! Living in New Zealand it is so far to anywhere, but I love it. I'm just getting my blog started, but there are a few day trips around Auckland on there that may interest you.

Take care and good luck with the planning. Looking forward to reading how you go :-)