Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to school time for this Mamma!

This July…. my year-long divorce was over.  I don’t ever really talk about it on here…but yes…it’s finally done. Talk about the longest year of your life. Or that’s what I thought at the time.

Yet at the same time…it’s gone by in a flash. I remember posting the night it all fell apart. And so many of my blog friends lifted me up in prayer…and kept me going when I needed it most!! I love my blog sistas!!


Soooooo…….fast forward here I am. And I’m officially a graduate student. I registered for my classes yesterday. And I made my hotel reservations today. It’s really happening! I’m going back to school this semester!

A little background as to why this is so AH-mazing:

The day of my divorce….I had my final hearing first thing…like grab a cup of coffee…and hurry up to the courthouse early. Which I might add is oh-so-humbling.

I live in small town. They only have court once a month. So every stinkin’ case…and person…and attorney for that month…were in the room. I was the FIRST hearing!!

Oh lordy…have a SLICE OF HUMBLE PIE please!! LOL! It’s funny now…it wasn’t at all funny in that moment! I was mortified! I sat on the stand answering yes and no to all the important questions. Looking at my attorney…and the judge…and the crowded room…like a humiliated deer in the headlights. Choking back tears.

Anywho…by that evening I had registered for graduate classes at my Alma Mater. I just had this crazy thought…got on the computer and applied!! I decided if I could go through a year of muck waiting for a divorce to be done…then I could go to school for a year and finish my Master’s degree. It was something I always wanted to do…and just didn’t put my all into doing. Everything else was more important. Then everything became really hard…and I just couldn’t. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

I had looked over the Fall schedule for classes at the beginning of the summer…but left it alone thinking the last thing I needed to add to my never-ending-to-do-list…was to go to graduate school.

BUT…these pictures haunted me….and no I didn’t add the text. These are on the Sul Ross State University website.


image via:

My soul is still in those mountains. I lived there a long time ago…fell in love…graduated from college…fell out of love…and learned a whole lot there. I learned how much I loved to write…to create art…and to just be different…even if no one gets it. I didn’t learn all of the lessons there….a lot of them I learned after I left…because I had lived there. You cannot be in the Big Bend region and it not affect your soul.

This one really tugged at my soul…


They seriously made these for me I think. LOL. I kept seeing them and I couldn’t get them out of my head. Those tricky people…they know SRSU alumni have a special connection to that area that we will never get over…and so…at 32-1/2…as a single Mamma…I’m going back. Well once a month anyways for class. LOL.


When I’m done you can call me Master Tiffany. LOL. It’s going to be hard…probably ugly at times…and to be honest it scares the spit out of me just a smidgen. But I can never live with the regret that I didn’t do it. The dream of a Master’s degree will not go away. Just look at this….

sign 003

They put up a dang SUL ROSS BILLBOARD as you leave my hometown. I see it almost every day. Reeeeeeeeeally??  Of all places!!! I can’t even make this kind of stuff up! How’s that for a GOD-WINK??

I can’t wait to take pretty pictures of the mountains for you…and to share all the new adventures ahead for me and my Jaxypoo. Keep us in your prayers! With all the homework I’m going to have…on top of juggling my single Mamma life…I’m going to NEED IT!




Jennifer said...

Good for you!!! You can do it! :-)

Kat said...

Onward and upward, you are such an strong person, I'm sure you are going to love going back to school :-)