Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is it Fall yet?

I am so so so ready for the Fall. I’m 100% over summer. We are in a serious drought…and it’s just too stinkin’ hot and yuck. I’m ready to smell the fresh Fall air…and just feel the shift of the seasons. Maybe it might even rain!

We are about to head out for our last big Summer hoo-rah at our local water park and I couldn’t help but think…that Summer is coming to a close….and Fall is getting closer.

Last year I posted a few posts about Fall decorating ideas and it was a lot of fun. You can read the post HERE!

I thought I would start a little tradition…and share a little Fall pretties I’ve seen lately for this year’s Fall season.

After I finished this post…it was oh so evident that I will be posting a few Fall inspiration posts…there is just so much FALL prettiness and awesome ideas…one post is not enough!


This looks like a perfect Fall Roasted Butternut Squash soup…in a perfect cup…love it….

image via:

Anything with pumpkins will make this girl happy!

image via:

And you can bet your hiney-rooskies I’m doing this to a pumpkin this year…way tooo stinkin’ CUTE!!!

image via: Brown Paper Packages

This is another cute, easy jazzy-upper for a pumpkin too!

image via: Urban Comfort

Totally swooning over the antlers mixed with the pumpkins!!

image via: All Things Farmer

Lova-Dove-Doving this super sweet and cute idea too!!


image via: The Crafting Chicks

My word….see what I meant by all the ideas and inspiration!! This is definitely a continued topic for posting in the next few weeks! I say we have a “Let’s Get Ready For Fall” partaaaaay!


These are marvelous. But, I can guarantee you…110% I do not have the patience for this project. Carving pumpkins is not my forte! They sure are PURRRDY though!

image via:

This reminds me of my bestie…she would love a PUMPKIN wedding!!! And she would also LOVE that wedding dress shot as much as I do!!

image via: Little Black Book

Hmmmm…genius idea. Fall treaties…in cutie-patootie starter pots. Really love this idea!

image via:

Omgeeeeee….these are FAB-DABULOUS!!! I’m not a big fan of caramel apples…but I’m in love with these!!

image via: Sweet Services

This is clearly a child-free home…LOL. But I like the use of the rakes for candle holders. Seriously fab!

image via: Pinterest

Okay…my goodness.

The Fall love ends here…for today. But there’s so much more I want to share…we will meet again lovelies. With more pumpkiny goodness and Fall oooeeeey bits of YUM!

Have a superb day!

{{I think I want a pumpkin spice candle now…just to get the Fall groove going on in our casa!}}