Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day & Easter Weekend


Isn’t it such a GOOD and WONDERFUL Friday!
I hope you are enjoying your BLESSINGS today.
We sure are!

To celebrate Earth Day we planted a few seeds…
Dane 010

They were 3 for $1.00 at our local Dollar General. I have no idea if they will grow for that price…but if they do…BOY HOWDY did I luck out!!
My helper even helped….


It was his FIRST time ever to plant seeds. And he LOVED IT!

We have been so busy this week (and this month for that matter.)
My BFF and I are working on a project to re-upholster a kitchen table set for a client. I had to go around our local fabric stores to take pictures and pick up swatches….

phone pics 151

Then throw in our daily grind of work and play….

phone pics 057

Trips to the grocery store….

phone pics 060

Lot’s of dishes to be washed…

phone pics 080

A full calendar of work…

phone pics 061

Dirt roads to travel for photo shoots…

phone pics 112

with this little helper….

phone pics 137

it’s no wonder…that by Friday….we NEED A NAP.

phone pics 072

We GET good and TIRED.
Sometimes….so tired I can’t shake off my REALLY BAD attitude of ungratefulness. Luckily this week I am working VERY HARD to be GRATEFUL for my life. To be GRATEFUL for my blessings.
I get to do this….

Dane 490 bcopy
Chandlers 1178 logo

…every week as my hobby. My hobby that I get paid for. A little hobby that God has blessed so much that it’s starting to really bless mine and Jaxon’s life.
Who the heck am I  to be in a bad mood…and be ungrateful?

Soooooo….this weekend I am going to REVEL in my beautiful life.
I’m going to hug Jaxon so many times he can’t stand it.
I’m going to walk around my house and say I LOVE YOU in every room.
I am going to be GRATEFUL to be a live…one more day.
And I’m going to PRAISE GOD for all the BEAUTY and BLESSINGS of my life.
As I remember the ultimate sacrifice that we will celebrate this Sunday.
Hope you all have an amazingly, blessed Easter weekend.

Sending BIGTIME love your way!


affectioknit said...

Have a blessed Tridium and a very Happy Easter!

teffanie said...

Made my morning! Thanks!