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Pictureless Books…and Wednesday WORD day!

Happy MIDDLE OF THE WEEK friends! Hope your week has been Uuuh-MAZING!
I wanted to share a really exciting feature with you today!

Do you have a Kindle? I do not. I know…bummer right? I think I’d swing for an iPad if I really had a choice. But…honestly a few extra hundred dollars would go towards a utility bill…or an extra hard drive…or something else helpful for my companies.

BUT…did you know you DO NOT NEED a KINDLE to read eBooks and Kindle books from Amazon. Holy crackers.

Maybe I’m the last one to the parade…but I just figured this out.

And I’m hooked.

For starters….you download the Kindle for PC software and it takes just a few minutes before you are rolling.

Here’s what the main screen looks like:

Four out of the five books on mine were free. That’s right.

F. R. E. E.  my favorite price!

All of the classics are free to download. A w e s o m e. Literature junkies could really get into an awesome feature like that!

The eBook prices are a fraction of the price of hardback.

For example…I want to read “Water for Elephants.”
Hardcover cost: $16.29 (plus shipping)
Kindle book cost: $4.17 (zero shipping)

You do not have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to figure out…that is a GREAT deal!

Best part….you can download them immediately.
Oh I love♥ instant gratification.

And I’m learning to love reading on my computer. Anyone else a little old-fashioned and LIKE the way PAPER PAGES feel? Yep…me too!

BUT…I can dig this Kindle reader thing.

 **PS-update: I was also notified that if you have a Smart phone, you can download the Kindle app and have books downloaded to your phone! A m a z i n g!

The grooviest thing I want to share with you is an eBook series that I am ADDICTED to.

Love them.
They are POWERFUL…yet simple.

It’s so hard to really describe. You MUST read one…to experience it.

I’m pretty blessed to be very dear friends with one of the authors. Pretty cool! She’s amazing. I’m so proud to be her friend. Together we work as accountability friends on staying motivated towards being the BEST at everything we do!

Anywho- I digress.
This eBook series is a MUST HAVE.

They are $2.99.

Really? Even my single-Mamma budget can afford that.

I read it every morning as a meditation to start my day. Yes…it’s that INSPIRING.
There is SURELY one you would love too! There are so many types that everyone can benefit from one. Everyone…of all ages.


According to Seabury Reads,
The P i c t u r e l e s s Books series includes:

a n g e l series These are alphabets with a positive word followed by an affirmation. Z, Zany, Be zany! B, Beauty, You are beauty.

c a n v a s series These are art, of any sort. Simple one... letter and word. b is for brush, c is for cartwheel.

e x p l o r e series This alphabet explores the more scienc-y, math-y subjects. It is a word and a fun definition. E is for El Nino. . . when the Pacific gets super warm.

i m a g i n a t i o n series These cover emotions and inspirations. The format changes on these depending on the emotion. Example: When you feel yucky, be yummy!

n o t h i n g series This is a nonsensical series and kind of hard to describe. N is for Never Night is a title in the series... they are words that you can't really see... but that we hope you can imagine and form in your mind. Ur Txtbk is a book in the series, which is an alphabet of texts! And coming soon in the series: Study guides for vocab on the SATs!

w e l l n e s s series This is our newest book set... and the name says it all. First book will be W is for Walnut. In this book there is a healthy food and three ways to prepare it... A is for avocado... on toast, in salad, in guacamole.


Don’t you JUST LOVE it!

♥♥Click HERE to visit Amazon to purchase your own
I is for Invigorated book…or to browse additional titles!♥♥


Stop by  the P i c t u r e l e s s Books blog by clicking HERE and become a FOLLOWER!

In addition to all the
P i c t u r e l e s s Books fun – the authors have also created a Facebook FAN page where fans gather every Wednesday to celebrate and participate in WEDNESDAY WORD DAY.


According to the authors, WEDNESDAY WORD DAY “[is] so e a s y. We post the letter of the w e e k on the w a l l and you come up with one or ten or fifty words to fill it! Be creative! Have fun! Enjoy! We so a p p r e c i a t e YOU!”

Visit the P i c t u r e l e s s Books Facebook FAN page and participate in TODAY’S WEDNESDAY WORD DAY  by clicking the image below-

Just a note: TODAY’S LETTER is “I” ---- how many “I” words can you think of????


If you are interested in reading more about the
P i c t u r e l e s s Books and how the books were created please click HERE to read  “Letter by Letter P i c t u r e l e s s Books is Hoping to Create a New World of Words” featured on Seabury Reads.


The ladies are also working on an APP for all sorts of mobile devices to carry your P i c t u r e l e s s Books positive words with you…wherever you are. I cannot wait to see them!! The power of positive words…all over the world…oh isn’t it just MARVELOUS!


Please let Adrea and Teffanie know you I sent you!!! Download a P i c t u r e l e s s Book let me know how much you love them!! Be a FAN of their Facebook page and enjoy all the WORD fun today!!

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