Friday, January 14, 2011

Using OLD items to create NEW FRESH areas

Have you ever tried to define your home decorating style? I have and it's just not possible. My tastes vary a lot...and change a lot. I just like things that inspire me! 
I take elements from all kinds of styles that I like to make my own style! Maybe that is HODGE PODGE style? LOL! And if you read goodness... you can DROWN in INSPIRATION!

One thing I do like is OLD STUFF. I will pick old before new…on most every occasion.
And not a lot of OLD...every where...but accents of old are very groovy! I think OLD things can also be a FABULOUS avenue for decorating on a budget.
So what if you can't afford Pottery Barn..I bet if you look around at thrift stores and garage can find similar items for a fraction of the cost. Fabulous doesn't have to be expensive. Look at the BONES of the piece..and think about what it would look like with a new coat of paint? New hardware? The possibilities are limitless! It takes a little more effort...but it is WELL WORTH IT! Hello SINGLE can still have CUTE HOMES and not break the bank! 

When looking for OLD inspiration I am a sucker for industrial metal, chippy old wood, vintage doors and anything that has OLD character.
I saw a really neat home tour this week on Apartment Therapy that had all of these elements! The home is not exactly ALL ME...but there are some key elements that I found VERY INSPIRING.

 I love me some Apartment Therapy. If you don’t subscribe, you should. But beware, the ideas and inspiration will keep you reeling! I am continuously inspired!

This weeks HOT home tour is

Tim's "Old Boot" of a Carriage House

I found MANY ideas and inspiration! Some of the things are SO DIFFERENT its down-right groovy.

I like people who use DIFFERENT so WELL!

A few key things I loved about this home tour are:


Image: Apartment Therapy 

Are you kidding me?

Everyone close to me knows I collect Our lady images….a whole big painting on a door…yep I couldn’t breathe! I adore it!

This patio:
I would so put a table out there to use for work {editing & writing} and just for relaxing outside! How groovy would a dinner out there be? Or a social evening with friends and a glass of wine? Very awesome and unique! I also like that there’s not a bunch of just GRASS…less mowing for single Mammas!☺

Seriously…how cool is this? Old cabinets for all of your shoes and folded goodies? I would have NEVER thought of that. Very awesome.

The old ladder & bench in the bathroom:

HOLY CRACKERS…this statue in the living room:
So I probably wouldn't have this in my home…but I still think it’s groovy. I can just see Jaxon hanging from the wings! LOL! I also really like the slab of wood coffee table. Very cool.

OLD stained windows:
I love how old stained windows are used throughout this entire house. They are gorgeous and add lovely *pops* of color! Sweeeeet!
Want to see more??? Visit the entire HOME TOUR by clicking HERE. And don’t forget to check out Apartment Therapy as well!


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