Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Toddler Activity: Tire Track Paintings

Good day friends!!! It’s Toddler Activity day around here in Easie Peasie land…and might I say…. Jaxon was thrilled to do his art project for the day!
We made TIRE TRACK paintings! He thought it was VERY COOL to paint with his cars and trucks! He LOVES painting anyways…adding the toys was just the cherry on top!
This is a super easy…yet super duper fun project to do with your munchkin!
I squirted a few colors of paint on paper plates.
bloggie 097
bloggie 099
Gave Jaxon a few trucks…and let him ROLL with it!!
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He loooooooooved it.
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I love when he is so into stuff. It’s just precious!
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We did have to bust out the paint brush too. He is already into using the brush for painting…so to jazz his painting up a little bit…the artist demanded a brush! LOL!
bloggie 130
I think it turned out so cute! Love it!
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Of course I love anything he makes! I love me some Jaxon art!
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The only problem with this little project….the artist refused to take his painting shirt off!!! As you can see…he is letting me know…the shirt is not coming off!
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P.S. Yes the paint does wash right off of the cars and trucks! I worried about that at first….but alas…it wipes right off!
Hope everyone is WARM and having a GREAT week! It’s frigid here and quite GRAY outside! Oh my…winter finally made it to Texas!
Here’s a SUMMERY pic I took of my fruit snack the other day! The colors are SO BRIGHT…and SO NOT winter!
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Happy DAY!


Anonymous said...

I Love It! Love It! Love It! He sure has his mind made up about the shirt not coming off and I bet he won too! Looking at this makes me SMILE! LOVE YALL BOTH! Aunt B!

keri B. said...

What a cute and fun idea! I can't wait to share with my nephews!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Did you use the paint that you made in one of your earlier posts or store bought?

Anonymous said...

I did this with puffypaint and notebook paper. Still looked awesome! Plus baby bro luved it to . Tiffany you are awesome. Jaxon is adorable!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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