Monday, January 10, 2011

Mamma Monday – 27-Fling Boogie!

Well hellooooo there! Hope everyone’s Monday has been SWELL so far! We are gearing up for an ARCTIC CHILL in my little West Texas neck of the woods. Seriously…and I’m stoked! Stew time…hot cocoa…and snuggles with my munchkin! 

On a bloggie note…I have decided to dedicate Monday’s to anything Mamma. Mostly toward organizing…cleaning…budgets…just anything that makes being a MAMMA BETTER….and easier! Especially for single Mammas!

This Monday I wanted to share something that has created a HUGE change for me. Really…it’s FABULOUS! I mentioned my oh-so-favorite and marvelous FlyLady last week.
One MARVELOUS trick that I have learned from her is the 27-fling boogie.
The basic concept is to take a garbage bag and walk through your house and find
27 things to THROW AWAY. 

After the throw away boogie, take a box (or be really green and dedicate a BIG BAG or even a LAUNDRY BAG for donations to be reused) and find 27 things you can donate or giveaway.
This little simple process…has created a SNOWBALL effect of POSITIVITY and CLUTTER DESTRUCTION in my home!

image: Real Simple
Now to amp it up Tiffany-style…I do the boogie when I take out the trash. Because even though it sucks….this Mamma has to take out the trash…or else it just doesn’t get done! So…when I gather trash to haul to the dumpster…I find a junk drawer…a cluttered cabinet…just anywhere…and I start FLINGING!
image: Real Simple
I don’t do it everyday. But every single time I’m going to the trash…I boogie sisters. And let me tell you it FEELS OH SO GOOD!
Another little awesome concept to add on to the fling boogie…when you box up (or BAG UP) your items to donate/giveaway…immediately take it to your car!
Then on your next trip for errands…guess what??? Your junk is ready to go!! Just swing by…donate/drop off…and SMILE! Bless someone else by DONATING what you do not use or need!
This is just awesome to me. As with everything, I have to conserve gas, a trip just for donating stuff probably isn’t going to happen. I live in a small town, 20 miles away from the closest BIG town. 

But if I can drop it by my local Salvation Army after church or after shopping for groceries..I’m so down!!
Ladies…try it. I PINKY PROMISE you can do this simple trick. After a week…just see how you feel and how amazing your cabinets…closets…and drawers start to look! I can organize this stuff now…seriously…it’s SO MUCH BETTER! 

Curious to read more about the BOOGIE? Read more about it HERE!!

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You're hilarious Tiffany!