Friday, January 7, 2011

Have you started?

Did the “itch” to start “ditching” clutter hit you yet? I think it’s definitely in the air. Instead of SPRING cleaning…it’s NEW YEAR cleaning. My BFF and I were laughing about how we could just take a trash bag and start CHUNKING things in our home!!
Do you get that way too?? There is no better feeling than EXFOLIATING your home of JUNK. And contrary to what the media would have you believe…you can ORGANIZE your home without SPENDING money. USE WHAT YOU HAVE!
Keeping my home clean and organized is a huge goal of mine…and the better I get at it…the better my life flows. And I just started with what I have. I didn’t spend a dime to start ORGANIZING and CLEANING!
A clean home affects everything…my grocery bill is lower because I know what is in my clean fridge…my bills are organized so I can stay on top of what is due…I have more time to play with Jaxon…because I spend less time conquering the clutter monster.
Now don’t get me wrong…there are still dinosaurs and trains on the floor daily…but overall my home is getting more and more organized by the day. Little things like my cooking spices are organized…my medications are too! Little by little…we are getting ORGANIZED.
And routines…oh routines…how they make LIFE BETTER! This is the key to surviving as a single Mom!
Organization..and routines!!
Soooo…here are a few secret weapons I use to learn more…to stay focused…and conquer the clutter!
My favorite CLEANING guru is FLYLADY.
Do you FLY?
I have been for a long time. I love her! If you do not know her…mosey over to her website by clicking HERE to get started. You will never be the same. If you suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) in your home…you can learn how to clean in ZONES…in baby steps…and regain control over your home and life! It’s amazing!!
She also recently started a Cozi cleaning application…for your PHONE. Ohhh…love me some FlyLady!
Start your cleaning/organizing agenda by watching this video by FlyLady first! Click HERE to watch!
Oh…my….the best thing she talks about for finding success this year….
you CANNOT organize junk. Let that one settle in your bones for a second….
I also love me some CLEAN MAMMA.
I love her lists…I so cannot function without a LIST!
She has declared….January as CLEANING month. Yes! She must get the “itch” too!

She has made an AWESOME list for January…daily duties…so that by the end of the month…you have cleaned your ENTIRE HOME. I can do baby chunks of clean….it’s not so over-whelming!
I love this! And it’s PERFECT for the January cleaning itch!
She also made this DIVINE subway print for inspiration! Too cute! Print it out and put it in your kitchen to keep you motivated!
Visit her blog by clicking HERE or click each individual image to learn more and download!
Let me know if you join the CLEANING and getting RID OF JUNK bandwagon this month!

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