Monday, January 17, 2011

Mamma Mondays: Fab Frugal Drawer Organizing Tips

Raise your hand if you have at least ONE JUNK DRAWER in your home? BE HONEST!
Yep…I am CERTAIN almost all of us have a junky funky drawer full of Lord-knows-whats-its and who-knows-its!
I sure did! I hated even opening the gross thing. Uuuggh…all of the lost, weird and random items seem to SCREAM at me when I opened it…"HELP SAVE ME!” or “LOOK HOW GROSS I AM!”
LOL. Maybe not that bad…but it still was a little burden that I refused to deal with. This month is CLEANING MONTH…so I’m tackling everything I HATE to deal with…or that I put off….that simply MUST BE CLEANED! And this junk drawer was at the TOP of my LIST!
See?? There are some WEIRD – RANDOM things going on in this drawer!
The first thing I did was grab everything that needed to be TRASHED. And I did not hold back…I chunked a LOT!
Then I used very FAB and FRUGAL containers to sort what I was going to keep. Wait. Stop. They weren’t fabulous….BUT they were FRUGAL. Take a GANDER at my GORGEOUS drawer now!
Sunday 111
Do you have any idea what I used??? I’ll give you a sec to think about it…………
Sunday 112
Sunday 115
Here it is fabulous peeps…….
Sunday 110
Can you believe???? I saved PLASTIC CONTAINERS from food products to organize my drawer! FREE ORGANIZATION! Shuuuuuut up!
I now look at the packaging before I buy things. I LOOK for groovy packages. Not only are you being FAB FRUGAL but you are also RECYCLING. How AWESOME! I also used a glass bowl and a few plastic containers I already had too.
I now have…..
Sunday 112
P.S. I also painted the drawer to make it PRETTY. It took an extra five minutes of effort. It was the CHERRY on TOP that makes this little PROJECT perfect!
This week try to tackle your JUNK DRAWER! It’s SO GRATIFYING! I think if we can tackle a FUNKY JUNKY drawer…we can DO ANYTHING!
I’m moving on to the other drawers and cabinets in my casa! Just look at these BREATHTAKING pics for INSPIRATION…
image: Martha Stewart
image: Martha Stewart
image: Martha Stewart
I’m really in love with this handy dandy kitchen island. I want my kitchen towels to look this pretty! And I LOVE the little cubby for baking sheets…and not to mention the swell little extra outlet for kitchen accessories!
image: Martha Stewart
Wow…pet food organization…holy cow…. {I really like the little bins!}
image: Martha Stewart
Haaaaappppyyyyy ORGANIZING!
Have a LOVELY Monday!

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affectioknit said...

I do love an organized drawer - I recently did my spice drawer... - but I need to do the junk drawer too - love your ideas...

Tiff Keetch said...

Love it! My junk drawer definitely needs an overhaul.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my Daily Docket post..

Tiff @ Day In My Life