Monday, January 31, 2011

Mamma Mondays: Free Cotton

Happy MONDAY everyone! Hope your weekend was stupendous! Mine was!
I have a little treat for you this morning. One of my dearest writer friends has started a blog to share her knowledge with the world. She is an amazing educator with a true gift for working with educators, parents and students. I should know, when I taught high school, she was my director!☺
She has started “Free Cotton” to share tips with parents, educators and students on how to to succeed with various techniques and strategies.
Ideas you and I would NEVER think of. Let’s just say….she earned “Teacher of the Year” and many other awards…for a reason.
I’ve seen her turn situations around that were deemed impossible. She has a gift…and truly we are so blessed to receive her knowledge through her blog. I’m seriously going to make a little book to keep so I can remember everything for Jaxon.
If you feel that you may not relate because you homeschool, that is not an issue. She’s also a successful homeschooling Mom as well. Her knowledge crosses all education boundaries.
Please visit FREE COTTON today and say hello my dear friend Teffanie…known to most as “Ms. White.”
cotton blog
♥Click the the picture to visit!!!

And I almost forgot! I'm starting Project 365 today with a special friend/blogger today! SO exciting!
Have a SUPER Monday!


affectioknit said...

What a great site! I'm a follower! Thanks!

teffanie said...

Fabulous thanks to affectionknit and easie peasie!!!!!