Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Toddler Activity: Snow Days

Sooooo confession time. We have not done ANY kind of a craft or activity this week.
Nada. Zilch. Zero.
What we have been doing is staying in…and staying warm in this kind of weather….
02-01-2011 035
02-01-2011 038
02-01-2011 029
Surprisingly this guy is totally not into it….
02-01-2011 028
We did go outside today though…for 10 minutes tops. No really….my fingers quit working because they were numb…and my camera quit working!
snow 104
snow 102
Jax played a little in it…but as soon as I said “Do you want to go inside?” He yelled “YAAAAAY” and we made a bee-line for the back door.
snow 078
snow 097
I even took a pic of myself (for Teffanie who said I need to show MYSELF more…lol)
snow 091
Howdy!!! LOL!
I even took a picture of my fabulous shoes anyways...because all of the hot Mammas post what they wore that day.

Well watch out ladies...I totally rocked my red sweat pants...and old boots today!

That really cracks me up!!!

Anywhoo... I am so not getting into the argument about daycares and schools versus home schooling etc…but I am so grateful on days like these that I work from home and we do not have to get out in this nonsense. As long as the power outages do not hit our tiny town then we are golden. Our days are just the same schedule…and we keep doing our thing. Bad weather or not.
I am keeping my fingers crossed about the power though…there have been lot’s of outages all over Texas. No worries though…my heater is gas and so is my stove… so we will be fine…but I hate when the power goes out. That’s right…I own it…I’m a chicken when the power goes out! LOL! It’s too creepy quiet.
Soooooooooo anywho….is it snowing in your neck of the woods? What are you doing to stay warm and enjoy the time close to those you love? Jax is loving that his {stinky} dogs get to come inside. I’m pretty sure they are not as thrilled….
snow 059
snow 050
We have colored…and played with stickers….
snow 045
Jax found the Valentine candy….
snow 052
And overall…we’ve just been laughing…being silly…and enjoying the NOT SO NORMAL cold weather in our neck of the woods.
See our excitement….
snow 053
We just can’t contain ourselves! Ha ha ha…this is how 98% of my pictures of Jaxon look…because HE NEVER SITS STILL!
Have a super day lovelies! I hope everyone is WARM!
We are D.O.N.E with playing outside until it's MUCH WARMER....

P.S. I won a super cool giveaway that I can’t wait to share about. Let’s just say I get to pick out some lovelies from The Vintage Pearl. Shuuuut up. They rock.