Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Finds: Wasa Peanut Butter Snack

Jaxon’s sweet pea came over for a little bit yesterday. As you can see…he was thrilled! They SO love to play together!
01-28-10 002
01-28-10 009
They are just too precious!
I’m so glad it’s Friday around here. Whew. I joked with my friend today that I should not have been posting so much about cleaning and organizing. My house is quite crusty dirty…and I hope to goodness I have some cleaning time this weekend. It’s really bad. That’s life though…who are we kidding if we think every thing is PERFECT every day! LOL!
I do have a quick little recipe to share today for Friday FOOD finds. Recently I’ve been working on cutting sugar out of my diet. Wow. That’s a barrel of fun isn’t it??!
I’ve finally cut out coffee and cokes. Which is monumental for me. I’ve also been researching and trying alternative snack ideas. This week I was looking at my Wasa wafer/crackers wondering what I could make with them. Have you tried Wasa wafer/crackers? Be honest…alone…they are pretty cardboardish.
Surprisingly I came up with a pretty YUMMO sugar free treat! It’s SO GOOD!
01-28-10 026
It’s the perfect sweet yet sugar-free indulgence.
01-28-10 028
It’s also very filling!
This is what I used!!!
01-28-10 031
Okay well I forgot to include the peanut better in the picture! Oh well…you get the idea!
♥One Wasa wafer
♥All-Natural Peanut Butter
♥Agave Nectar

Try it! It’s DELISH!!
It’s sugar free and guilt free. Ahhh…and it’s perfectly crunchy and VERY filling!

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affectioknit said...

Such sweeties! My mom used to always give us crackers with peanut butter for snacks...I love Agave Nectar too!...