Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toddler activity: Painting with a Brush

You all know that Jaxon and I love art time!! We recently tried painting with a brush and Jaxon absolutely loved it!! I wasn’t sure how he would react to the colored water…I actually thought there was potential he would want to tip over the glasses. BUT…he did MARVELOUS! He’s such a little smart-britches!!
10-05-10 010
10-05-10 012
He was sooooo into it!
10-05-10 013
Can’t you just see how focused he is???
10-05-10 019
10-05-10 015
To enjoy this activity with your wittle-one you will need:
*Food coloring
*Glasses or cups
*Paint brush (I used an old one)
Fill a few glasses/cups with water, add a few drops of food coloring…and voila! Water colors!! Give your sweet-pea the brush and let them go-to-town!!!
We will be adding this to our weekly art lessons for sure!!



tracylynne said...

Tiffany-How to you get him to focus on the paper instead of painting your couch?

Tiffany said...

Miss Tracy Lynne - I'm not sure why he didn't try to paint he couch actually!! I'm sure with time he would probably try...but his painting session lasted about 15 to 20 minutes and then he was on to bigger and better things!!

That's really funny though...I wouldn't put it past him to try painting the couch at least once!!

Dee Fox said...

Since I came across this site today I pretty much tried most of ur projects. My daughter loves painting tho it's the water she likes to paint colors not the paper so when I came across this it was great. I never thought of using just water and food colouring. So much less messier too. She didn't even notice the real paints were gone. Loved everything u have suggested. Thank u so much.

Unknown said...

I see you recommend to add food coloring to make these paints.... does it not stain if it gets on furniture or clothes?