Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unexpected wall decor….

Last week…or was it the week before that?? Oh cinders & ashes…I can’t remember when…but RECENTLY I made a few crafties with left-over scrapbook paper. Turns out…paper can be cute wall decor!! I made these  pinwheel accordion-thingies and hung them on the wall in my kitchen. They take 5 minutes to make…maybe less!
10-05-10 009
10-03-2010 071
They are actually pretty big. See how they look on my wall!
10-03-2010 065m \
And keepin’ it real….a pic with my water cooler thinga-ma-bob.
10-03-2010 066m
Funny stuff right!! They are pretty cute!!
I did not take pictures of the process but they are super easy to make!
-Cut 3 strips of paper about 2- to 3-inches in width. Cut one round circle from paper about 2-inches in diameter.
-Fold each strip accordion-style. Hot glue the ends of 2 strips together, then connect all three to make a circle. It will be a little wonky.
-Squirt a dab of hot glue on the center of the paper circle and place the accordion circle on the glue. You will have to press the accordion paper down to make the circle even. The glue will anchor the accordion strips down and VIOLA…groovy paper decorations!
-For large accordion circles, you can omit the paper circle gluing. The larger paper seems to hold it’s shape better! ** I used big strips of paper for my wall decorations – like 6 to 8 inches or larger strips of paper.
I may post a tutorial…because I’m a visual kind of girl…and those steps may be confusing!!
I also made a groovy banner…and just as soon as I can get a GOOD picture of it I will post that as well too!!
Here’s a teaser:
10-01-2010 006
10-01-2010 028
And I must add a little note! I’m starting one of my first official “graphic design/web design” job/projects for a client this week! YAY! So much fun! I’m super stoked!!
Happy happy day!


affectioknit said...

I LOVE your banner!

Tiffany said...

Thank you soooo much! I hung it up before I took a pic!! And as you can's hard to get a good pic!! I'll have to take it down to do another photo shoot! :0)