Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toddler Table & Chairs Make-Over

My parents bought Jaxon these chairs awhile back. I’ve had them put away because he climbs them and gets into some major pickles with them totally typical Taz-Jaxon-Crash style. They are just precious and I knew that I wanted to eventually find a little table to go with them so that he had a place to color and play. I finally found a table perfect for the occasion. It’s a simple make-over…paint it all white! I did add some numbers to jazz the chairs up a tad.

June 29 2010 055
June 29 2010 063
This table is definitely one of the ugliest…but it had great legs and I knew a coat of white paint would take the ugly out!
June 29 2010 067
June 29 2010 068

06-29-2010 Phone pics 027
06-29-2010 Phone pics 028
06-29-2010 Phone pics 029
June 29 2010 075
June 29 2010 077
See what I mean about the climbing….Lord help me.
June 29 2010 092

Hope everyone has a stupendous holiday weekend and 4th of July!


Megan said...

Perhaps it's because I'm a teacher, but these chairs totally made me think of Dr. Seuss's cat in the character's- Thing 1 and Thing 2! I want to do something similar to this with stools...I am not sure if I'll use my last initial or perhaps our house numbers. Your blog is one of my favorites!

Jamielyn said...

Thanks for the link, they have so many cute ideas! I love this transformations! It's amazing what paint can do! I love the numbers on the chairs too!! p.s. LOVE your header. Did you make it?!?

Brett Rodgers said...

This is such a good blog! I loved it so much thanks for the work you put into and the links! I just have been looking into getting my kids some toddler table and chairs lately.