Monday, June 28, 2010

Sun & Stripes Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to post about my little office room projects…but with everything that’s been going on around here lately I just haven’t had the time!
Awhile back I had noticed Layla’s gorgeous striped walls in her guest bedroom…and Michelle’s striped entry way. I was smitten with the STRIPES! So I convinced Eathan that we needed a few of our own!
And so the measuring and painting began! {P.S. You will have to bear with me on the photos…my camera broke when we started this project and I had to use my phone!!}
Pics from Phone June0710 446
Pics from Phone June0710 449
Eathan measured out the stripes for me and traced them with a pencil. I went back and taped everything and painted. It was a lot easier than I anticipated! We also used left-over white paint from another project so the cost of this project was f.r.e.e.
Our white stripes were 13” each and the beige were 21” each. We did this so that we had 2 large stripes going across the wall. And well so that my husband didn’t freak out too much about this little project! Te-he!
Pics from Phone June0710 453
First stripe up!
Pics from Phone June0710 456
 Pics from Phone June0710 458
Pics from Phone June0710 460
Two up and ready to paint now!
Pics from Phone June0710 463
First coat….

Pics from Phone June0710 467
Second coat….

Pics from Phone June0710 469
And the final product!!! Seriously…these two little stripes added SO MUCH CHARACTER to this room! I am totally in love! And I’m so scheming as to where I can paint more stripes!!
I also added another touch to my stripes wall. I have seen quite a few blogs with sunburst mirror tutorials. How cute are these little jewels! I had to make my own asap! So I found a sorta-kinda-roundish mirror at the thrift store…picked up a pack of BBQ skewers at the Dollar Tree and got to business!!
June 09 2010 039
June 09 2010 043
I spent a whopping 95 cents for the mirror and $1 for the skewers! Total price $1.95! {I already had the spray paint}
June 09 2010 050
To start I just lined up the skewers and started gluing. No measuring or scientific process here. Glue and hope for the best!!! Although I did draw a little circle so I could see where the center was.
June 09 2010 051
I just slowly worked my way around…gluing and building up as each area dried.
June 09 2010 052
This is what it looked like when I finished.
June 09 2010 055
I covered the mirror part in foil…and started painting!
June 09 2010 057
June 09 2010 059
Here it is on the wall! L.O.V.E. it!!!

June 09 2010 085

This project was so fun and easy that I am definitely making more! I’ve seen a few DARLING ideas that I want to try! I’ve also got to paint my desk white so that everything flows. I hope to post a pic of everything in this room once the furniture is painted! I’m on a mission to go all white for deco and furniture! Or as all white as I can go!!

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