Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thrifty booty & migraines

This past week was quite a doozy. I took on a big project that I never anticipated would be so much work!
It was thrilling..stressful and fun…and if I hadn’t had a cluster of migraine attacks I might have enjoyed it more. Uugghh try Modge Podging when you can only see out of one eye! Lol!
I  also learned a huge lesson…projects that big are a tad too much when you have toddler and a small house! Oh my! Jaxon a.k.a. Taz had a field day shredding pink crepe paper and trying to grab limes to throw at his dogs!!
Here’s a little teaser pic from the project:
June 26 2010 068
June 26 2010 074
{Thank you so much Alayna for hiring me to do this project for you!!}
June 26 2010 055
I did really score some great thrifty junkin’ booty this week though. I never win contests…and I obviously have never won the lottery…but this week I really scored with some MAJOR finds!
Say hello to my little friend….
06-27-2010 011
Seriously how cute is she?
06-27-2010 016
I won this little vintage steel fan on Ebay for…drumroll please…
99 cents! And a few more clams for shipping! I was ecstatic! And you know what else? She works! Although I can see that she’s not exactly child-proof so I don’t think we will have her cranking any time soon!
My next score was this BEAUTY of a desk I found on Craigslist…for $20. {And can I just add a note here…my husband is so great…I texted him a pic and said “by the way can you pick this up on your way home after work??” And you know what…he never even flinched! He always runs all over picking up all of my crazy finds! He’s so wonderful!}
And isn’t she sweet???
06-27-2010 017
She’s definitely getting a coat of white paint soon!
06-27-2010 020
She has great details such as those pretty little legs…and sliding doors with chicken wire mesh. My heart pitter-patters every time I see her!
Then…here’s the kicker my friends. Look at this GORGEOUS girl I found…so very sad…BY THE DUMPSTER!!
picd from phone 06-27 062
My Mom and I had been thrifting for some project supplies and drove behind the store to throw our melted drinks away. Lo’ and behold…there she was!
My Mom…who is also sooo great for dragging me and Taz around with this BIG MAMMA in the bed of her truck…shopping all over town! We were quite a sight! It was pretty funny! She rode great…and sat patiently in the Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby parking lots…waiting to go to her NEW HOME!
picd from phone 06-27 063
Here she is…adjusting nicely to her new place!
June 26 2010 013
06-27-2010 026
I’ve already shuffled her around to see where she fits best. She is in great condition. I really think she’s more comfortable than my NEW couch and love seat. {I love how every picture I take of her...there's a little hint of Jax...notice the toys he's so graciously left on her! He thinks she's a new climbing toy of course!!}

The only spots are a slight water damage spot on very top and back. I really think I can steam out the spots. {Because I am a germa-phobic freak-azoid, I soaked her in Lysol as soon as I got her home.} As of right now I am digging her material…so I won’t be slip covering her anytime soon!
Sooo….a little lesson learned this week…you can find treasures behind consignment and thrift stores! Check the dumpsters…if you aren’t SKEEERED! Ha ha!

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