Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jaxon's first fishing experience...

My little guy went fishing for the first time this week. My heart almost exploded with excitement and happiness. As soon as I knew I was having a little boy, my first thoughts were how much fun things like taking him fishing were going to be.
It was even better and more fun that I could have even imagined! He loved it and is a pretty awesome little fisherman.
Love him so much….cheese cracker crumbs and all. =)

And I love my rod & reel…don’t ya love the pink. My entire tackle is pink too. I’m so blogging my pink fishing stuff soon!
It has been great to spend time outdoors…in the fresh air and in nature. We even spent a few minutes chatting with this group of friendly ducks.
Have a wonderful and blessed day!


Life Happens said...

That's awesome that you guys are spending quality time together in the great outdoors! Love your pink rod.

laura said...

It looks like he had a lot of fun. Your son is so cute and I love your blog.


Melanie Daryl said...

It suits you, Tiff. It's a girl's rod! :P It just proves that one could be fashionable while fishing at the same time. It's good that he's learning to fish at a young age. He'll be a great fisherman someday! :) So what did your little boy catch?

Idalia Conn said...

Correct, Melanie. It's one pretty rod, indeed. :) On my part, I put stickers on my nieces and nephews' rod & reel cover. The stickers certainly motivate them on our daily fishing trip. Mine has my boyfriend’s signature on it since he was the one who gave it to me. :)

Amanda said...

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