Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy first of March week!

Can you believe that it is already March? Oh my goodness! In 15 days I will be 33 years old…in 11 days Jaxon will be 3!!! Yes…our birthdays are 4 days apart. Pretty funny right?

My baby boy will be 3…that is just crazy to me! I’m planning on doing his birthday totally different from the norm. We aren’t doing a party. Instead…I’m taking him to the zoo! He loves animals so much and I think he will just flip to go see them in real life. Much more cooler than a party…that he won’t remember. He can tell you all kinds of different animals…some that I don’t even know. I am so excited for him to experience the zoo! I can only imagine the giggles and squeals.


On another note I drove to the mountains on Friday….


and spent my weekend in Alpine for for my British novel class. My brain feels a little like Jell-O today. I didn’t take very many pictures at all. I didn’t have time!

I did pack differently this weekend.

I packed all of my CLEAN-EATING food.


I even took a little cooler to class with all my snacks.


I’ve never felt more proud of myself for being strong. I usually have ZERO WILLPOWER!

BUT…I went out to eat with my awesome classmates---and had Tortilla soup…and salad…instead of a big unhealthy meal. And I was surrounded by donuts, cookies and candy in class….and I ate my fresh fruit and walnuts instead.

Halleluyer….I did it. I could smell the chocolate cookies. But I still didn’t give in. It’s totally not worth it. I’m finally at that point….those things just aren’t worth it right now for my overall goals. Yay!

Does that mean I don’t ever or won’t ever eat chocolate? Of course not…I’m human after all…and I have a BIG sweet tooth. But I’ve learned to trade those things…for healthier options. If I’m having a chocolate fit…I have a stash of carob covered almonds…and they are DELISH!

Baby steps!!

Do you have any traveling tips for eating healthy? Or what about travel-friendly healthy snacks? I’d love to hear about them!!


This week I have all of my Easter mini-sessions so in addition to all of my homework…it’s going to be BUSY! But what fun! I’ll share all the cutie pies with you too.

Have a WONDERFUL BLESSED beginning of the week!